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The must-have guide for over 45 years

"The independent guide to REALLY GOOD camping sites in Europe"

Alan Rogers
Alan Rogers

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"Most guides to camping sites provide long lists of sites without passing any real judgement on them. 

This book is different. It only mentions particularly good sites, and it gives very detailed descriptions of these, with frank and comprehensive reports. The information provided is what the caravanner and camping want to know, including those things that symbols cannot convey.

Has one always sufficient space, without overcrowding and discomfort in the high season? Are the sanitary facilities adequate, and are they kept properly clean? Is there any hot water? What are the situation and surroundings of the camp like? Is it quiet or noisy? What facilities are there for caravans? What sort of cooked meals are provided, if any? Can you reserve in advance, and is there a fee for this? These are just a few of the questions of which this book provides answers.

The sites have been most carefully selected. They have been chosen entirely on merit. NO PAYMENT IS MADE BY ANY SITE FOR INCLUSION IN THIS GUIDE. All the camps have been very recently visited by the author and are recommended only when he and the others who have stayed there consider them up to the necessary standard.

Included are seaside, lakeside and mountain camps, suitable for the main part of the holiday, and also a fair spread of pleasant inland camps near the routes to the holiday areas. Some maps and specimen itineraries are provided showing how holidays can be planned to use only recommended sites.

With this guide one can have a caravanning and camping holiday without the disappointments, one can avoid the bad campsites and stay at 'ONLY THE BEST'."

This extract was taken from the very first Alan Rogers guide published in 1968. Our core focus and philosophy remain the same and we value our brand heritage.

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Alan Rogers

"Does not claim to be one of the pioneer campers, but he has a very wide experience of camping at Continental sites under varying conditions. He has at different times used caravan, motor-caravan and tent and understands their respective advantages and problems without being biased towards one particular form. Furthermore his knowledge of camping sites in Europe is thoroughly up-to-date.

He believes strongly that there is no point in camping uncomfortably when with a little planning you can do so in quite a reasonable comfort. The many thousands who have taken up Continental camping in recent years because of the ever-increasing cost of hotels and 'pensions' and recently, the restricted foreign exchange allowance will surely feel the same way.

He considers too that the greatest degree of comfort is obtained by using organised camping sites and more especially, by using only the best of these sites. Alan Rogers' Selected Sites for Caravanning and Camping in Europe 1968 enables you to do just this."

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Since Alan Rogers published the first campsite guide that bore his name, the range has expanded and now covers 27 countries. No fewer than 20 of the campsites selected by Alan for the first guide are still featured in our current editions. 

Camping du Pavillon Royal in France, Camping Salou in Spain and Camping Bella Italia in Italy are just a handful of sites personally recommended by Alan himself that are still featured in the current Big Selection guide.

Check out our interactive timeline to learn more about our history and let us know on Facebook or Twitter when you bought your first Alan Rogers guide!

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