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Europe is home to numerous beautiful rivers that offer excellent opportunities for camping and outdoor activities.

Six (or Seven) French Tunnels

Rob Fearn | 29 Mar 2023 | Read time: 5m 42s

With railways, roads and even canals, France is home to many underground engineering feats.
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Tunel du Rove

9 French Bridges

Rob Fearn | 14 Mar 2023 | Read time: 4m 54s

Well known for its architecture, France boasts some amazing bridges, here we've picked 9 of our favourites...
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Millau Viaduct

Wonderful Waterways: The Rivers of Western France

Peter Stannett | 22 Dec 2022 | Read time: 3m 41s

There's no better way to explore France than its beautiful waterways. With some of the most picturesque rivers and lakes in Europe, it's a fantastic way to experience the "real" France.
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Wonderful Waterways: The Rivers of Western France

Wonderful Waterways: The Rivers of Southern France

Peter Stannett | 29 Nov 2022 | Read time: 3m 47s

France's beautiful streams, rivers, canals, lakes and coasts offer some of the most fantastic opportunities for exploring the country. They wind their way through tranquil scenery and historic towns, crisscrossing agricultural countryside, breathtaking mountain landscapes and forest-filled valleys.
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Wonderful Waterways: The Rivers of Eastern France

Peter Stannett | 25 Nov 2022 | Read time: 3m 34s

From the Rhône to the Loire and the Seine, these rivers wind through some of the most scenic countryside, captivating châteaux, charming villages and vineyards.
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Sisteron, Provence

Wonderful Waterways: The Rivers of Northern France

Peter Stannett | 26 Oct 2022 | Read time: 3m 19s

France is a stunning country with rivers, lakes, streams and canals. They've inspired artists, writers and nature lovers throughout the centuries.
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Moselle river panoramic

The Canals and Rivers of France

Ben Tully | 13 Mar 2017 | Read time: 6m 43s

There’s a great drama about some of them – the magnificent château at Chenonceaux spanning the Cher, the deep gorges...
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The Pont Valentre
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