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Review: The Caravan Handbook by Sammy Faircloth background image

Review: The Caravan Handbook by Sammy Faircloth

The go-to guide to the purchase, storage, maintenance and use of a caravan.

23 June 2021
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The Caravan Handbook by Sammy Faircloth
The Caravan Handbook by Sammy Faircloth

Author, Sammy Faircloth, has been proving to be a chip off the old block. Sammy is the daughter of the late John Wickersham, who was renowned in caravan and motorhome circles for his top-selling books – The Caravan Manual, The Motorcaravan Manual, Caravanning Handbook, Motorcaravanning Handbook, and Build Your Own Motorcaravan. 

John also produced several articles for our very own Destinations Magazine. In short, there was nothing he didn't know about caravans and motorhomes. Working closely with her father for many years, Sammy gained much of her knowledge from his extensive industry experience.

So, following in her father's footsteps, Sammy has self-published her first book 'The Caravan Handbook'. The 338-page book is presented in a full-colour, easy-to-follow format. Whether you are new to caravanning or an old hand, the Caravan Handbook contains a host of valuable information on the purchase, storage, maintenance and use of your caravan.

Storage Advice
Storage Advice

Through 15 chapters, the book covers everything from how to get the best price when purchasing a new caravan to laying your van up for the winter season. Practical advice on the use of the various caravan systems covers the water and sanitary, gas, 12 -volt and mains electrical systems. 

These chapters go into great detail, with key points emphasised by the inclusion of clear well thought out photography and with technical tips to help diagnose faults highlighted throughout. 

It also contains invaluable advice on towing and pitching procedures, covering the legalities of towing weights and licencing requirements to information on buying, maintaining and pitching the dreaded awning!

Here at Alan Rogers, we're pleased that Sammy is continuing the family tradition of producing clear, easy to digest guides to the practicalities and joys of caravanning. 

This first venture into self-publishing is well researched, a pleasure to read, and we're hoping that there are many more to follow.

The Caravan Handbook by Sammy Faircloth is self-published (£15.99)

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