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New Feature - Accessibility Filters Added

You can now filter on how accessible a campsite is

1 April 2023
Read time: 48s

In our mission to make travel accessible to everyone, we've added the ability to search by available accessibility filters.

We've collected data from hundreds of campsites and continue to do so because we believe travel should be open to all. 

Many site owners have been upgrading their campsites and making them more accessible, and now you can search for your next campsite via the Alan Rogers website based on what they're doing to help improve access for all.

We're listing a whole range of Accessibility Criteria, including:

Accessibility Criteria
  • Accessible bar/restaurant
  • Accessible parking
  • Accessible pitches
  • Accessible reception
  • Accessible shower
  • Accessible WC
  • Inclusive activities
  • Onsite movement (access ramps)
  • Onsite movement (dropped kerbs)
  • Proximity to accessible transport

Sites can display accessibility features on their listing page, including information on accessible parking bays, accessible facilities and amenities and inclusive entertainment and activities.

We've also created an Accessibility Hub where you can learn more about camping and travel throughout Europe.

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