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Parisian Cuisine

Parisian Cuisine

The gastronomic splendour of Paris is unlike any other. The world’s greatest chefs and restaurateurs flock to the city to make their mark on its cuisine, bringing individual panache to dishes both simple and sophisticated. Regardless of dining preference, sitting down among the Michelin-starred restaurants, humble patisseries, and traditional cafés presents visitors with the finest culinary experience anywhere in the world.


Haute cuisine

As the home of haute cuisine, the dining opportunities throughout Paris offer something new and unforgettable to try. Among the most renowned and, for some at least, mouth-watering dishes is l’escargots – snails. While many may baulk at the thought of tucking into this delicacy, it remains one those dishes that is distinctly French, and provides a taste of Paris that will live long in the memory. For something equally as refined and undeniably French, such dishes as pheasant and foie gras, veal liver, and pâté en croûte offer a rich alternative among the Parisian bistros.


Something simple

Dining in Paris isn’t simply a case of the rare and refined. Quick and easy dishes are also available and packed with flavour. Among the most enduring is steak tartare, cut from the finest beef and served with crispy French fries. Equally as popular – and arguably better known among international diners – is the staple of Parisian cafes, croque-monsieur. While it may be little more than ham, cheese and rich béchamel sauce in toasted bread, this is a timeless classic that is loved by all.

Pain perdu

Exquisite desserts

The mark of a great dining experience is often delivered by the quality of dessert and, in Paris, there is no end to the array of sweet delights that are available. Mille feulle – a delicate pastry layered with fresh fruit and cream – is as aesthetically charming as it is delicious, while pain perdu – brioche dipped in egg, milk, and sugar before being baked – provides a delectable end to any meal.


Of course, a meal in Paris would be incomplete without suitable refreshment. While vineyards may be a rarity in the region, the full array of French labels is readily available. From Chardonnay to Pinot Noir, Semillon to Sauvignon Blanc, some of the most popular wines in the world are available to accompany a hearty meal. And for those choosing not to partake in the wine, the rich and flavoursome coffees prove equally as delicious.