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Cycling in Pas de Calais

Cycling Holidays in Pas de Calais

A coastal region blessed with magnificent views across the English Channel, sandy beaches, elegant seaside resorts, and fascinating towns and cities, Pas de Calais is often overlooked by tourists, but provides a host of attractions to discover on two wheels. Close enough to England to see its famous white cliffs, the area is the perfect starting point for an exploration of France, introducing travellers to the country’s stunning scenery, medieval architecture and lively towns.

Opal Coast

Opal Coast exploration

To the very north of the region lies the undulating and dramatic coastline known as the Opal Coast. Stretching for 42 km between the towns of Boulogne and Calais, it is a patchwork of golden shoreline, the white chalk of the cliffs and rolling green fields, broken only by charming resorts such as Wissant and Berck. Cycling holidays in Pas de Calais are consequently gentle and relaxing, and offer plenty of photo opportunities, as well as a chance to meet the friendly locals.

Wartime memories

The coast of France is, of course, about far more than stunning scenery. On a cycling tour following the Great War Trail of Artois, the opportunity to discover the sites of major conflict during the First World War is a compelling and poignant one. Passing by the Ecoivres Military Cemetery will doubtless prove an emotional moment for any visitor, while the Wellington Quarry museum in Arras offers a fascinating insight into how this underground network of caves supported the British war effort.