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Walking and Cycling in  the Alsace background image

Walking and Cycling in the Alsace

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Walking in the Alsace

Gazon du Faing
Set on the eastern French border, Alsace is packed with rich culture and heritage, while its location between the flowing waters of the Rhine and the dominant peaks of the Vosges Mountains presents natural scenery that is truly inspiring. Whether it’s the beautiful terrain or the mix of French, Swiss, and Germanic cultures that make its towns so compelling, a walking holiday in Alsace is a great opportunity to contrast these diverse charms at a leisurely, enjoyable pace.

Into the Vosges

The Vosges Mountains of Alsace are awash with enthralling sights. The Crest Road makes its ascent through the mountaintops to unveil breathtaking panoramas of the land below, while picturesque lakes, ancient monuments, and sprawling vineyards can be discovered across the region. A walking holiday through the Vosges Mountains leads through green pastures and thick forest, with the National Park status of both the Northern Vogses and the Ballons des Vosges presenting unspoilt scenery at every turn.

Bound by three borders


At the crossroads of France, Germany, and Switzerland, Alsace is the perfect starting point for exploring the charms of each of these distinct countries. Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse reveal the influence of all three nations; discover the half-timbered houses painted in bright colours, the majestic Gothic cathedrals that dominate the skyline, and fascinating collections housed in more than 250 museums.

Cycling in Alsace

Cycling in Alsace is an adventure through picture-perfect scenes of rolling countryside, captivating architecture, and vineyards that stretch far into the distance. Germanic and Swiss influences reveal a fascinating glimpse into the varied cultures of the region, with the fine wines and beers brewed in the area highlighting what it means to experience Alsatian life. Discovering this little-known area of north-east France on a cycling holiday will offer inspiration around every corner.

Alsace Wine Route

Alsace Vineyard

One of the most popular cycle trails in all of France, the Alsace Wine Route spans 170km from Thann in the south to Marlenheim in the north. As one of oldest wine routes in the country, the journey is a chance to enjoy a series of wine-related activities and discover over 70 villages renowned for their winemaking expertise. From undulating landscapes to refreshing wines, a cycling holiday on the Alsace Wine Route will prove rewarding for riders of all abilities.

Discover varied tracks

With cycling a time-honoured tradition throughout France, the sheer magnitude of the cycle routes available means uncovering both renowned and hidden treasures is easy. In Alsace alone, more than 2,500km of cycle tracks takes in everything from dense forest to historic towns. Experience the charms of Strasbourg and Colmar and ascend the peaks of the Vosges Mountains to discover stunning panoramas.