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Whether you’re camping at your first festival, heading out and about with the kids, searching for an eco-friendly getaway or taking your perfect pooch on a caravan trip – it always pays to be prepared. For expert “How To” guides as well as the latest advice and camping tips, Alan Rogers How To Guides ensure you can camp with confidence.

Best last minute Christmas presents for outdoor lovers

Ben Tully | 18 Dec 2019

Buying presents for outdoor lovers, activity junkies and camping enthusiasts is surprisingly easy. There are plenty of things one might...
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Common Camping Mistakes

Ben Tully | 21 Nov 2019

If you are planning on taking a camping trip, it’s important you avoid some common mistakes. The wrong decision can...
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Choosing the right site

Rob Fearn | 31 Oct 2019

Here, we’re going to look at the factors you should be considering when making your choice, as well as some...
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AR Guide to: the best tents under £250

The Alan Rogers Team | 23 Oct 2019

From one-person bivvies to eight-person gazebos, there are hundreds of thousands of tents out there to choose from.
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Advice for planning a first caravan or motorhome trip to France

John Corrall | 17 Oct 2019

Our long term campsite assessor John Corrall has been travelling to the continent with his caravan for over 30 years...
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The First-Timer’s Guide to Camping

Rob Fearn | 1 Oct 2019

Are you thinking about going camping for the first time? Here are some of the frequently asked questions and the...
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20 Fun Facts About Caravanning

The Alan Rogers Team | 19 Sept 2019

Are you curious about caravanning or heading off on your first caravan trip? Here are a few fast facts you...
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Beginner's Guide to: Campsite Life

Ben Tully | 1 Aug 2019

We assume at this point that you have the kit sorted: your tent is the right size for your party...
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How to save money with your motorhome

The Alan Rogers Team | 23 Jul 2019

There are many ways to stretch the budget, some very simple, though this is not an exhaustive guide to money-saving...
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AR Guide to: Outdoor activities when camping

Ben Tully | 1 Jul 2019

Time spent on a campsite lends itself to outdoor activities of all sorts, from ‘conventional’ sports like tennis, to activities...
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AR Guide to: The Nature of the Rhône-Alpes

Russell Wheldon | 18 Jun 2019

Centred around the historic city of Lyon (France’s second city and since Roman times a crucial regional capital), it’s a region of contrasts: from the pristine peaks and pastures of the Alps to the bustling cities and fertile fields of the Rhône Valley.
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AR Guide to: Camping Toilets

Rob Fearn | 6 Jun 2019

There’s no getting away from it… we all need to ‘go’. So it’s worth having a system in place so...
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AR Guide to: Campsite cuisine

Peter Stannett | 30 Apr 2019

Whether discovering exciting new tastes or simply enjoying a family meal al fresco, campsite life has always been the perfect...
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AR Guide to: Preparing your Caravan for Spring

Rob Fearn | 24 Apr 2019

If your caravan or motorhome was parked up for the winter there are always practical jobs to do before getting...
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AR Guide to: Caravan Motor Movers

Rob Fearn | 8 Apr 2019

They’ve been around for about twenty years but one thing is unchanged in that time: having a motor mover for your caravan is all about convenience. Motor movers are remarkably powerful, making a lot of grunt work and effort disappear. Especially powerful models are recommended for the heaviest caravans and for parking up on a steep incline, be it your driveway at home or a pitch on holiday.
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AR Guide to: Solar power panels for caravans and motorhomes

Rob Fearn | 3 Apr 2019

But for many, this freedom is only celebrated as long as there is access to an electricity supply to power...
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AR Guide to: Leisure Batteries

Rob Fearn | 25 Mar 2019

For many caravanners, choosing a caravan leisure battery is a simple matter of picking whatever is available in their local dealership. But with a little more thought you get a whole lot more for your money.
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The Right Site

Ben Tully | 19 Dec 2018

You’ve bought the tent, the airbeds, the camping stove. You know which country you’d like to go to. You’ve even...
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Introduction To Motorhome Aires

The Alan Rogers Team | 28 Jun 2018

At Alan Rogers we're often asked about Aires; whilst we're the experts when it comes to campsites, we have to...
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First Time Touring Abroad

Ben Tully | 11 Jul 2017

Many first-timers see the rugged coastlines and pretty fishing villages of Brittany and Normandy something of a...
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