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This is camping life!

Experiences of the Costa Dorada

20 December 2018
Read time: 1m 12s

I have been longing for a good holiday, in the sun, with nothing to do. I need a rest…

The other day, an old school friend suggested something to me about trying out some campsites on the Costa Dorada. "What? Are you crazy?" I exclaimed.

But then she told me about the eternal sun of Spain, the Mediterranean sea breeze, the sunbeds under the pines, and the salads overflowing with tomatoes, black olives and fresh cheese.

Her children spent the day scampering through the woods, her father played dominoes with other gentlemen, and she finally found some time to read a beautiful novel by Baricco that had been on her bedside table for quite some time. Also, to savour the intense pleasure of doing nothing, without haste, without interruptions.

She said all this was between Salou, Cambrils and Vila-Seca la Pineda, places with a unique charm. 

Ahh this is the life...

The absence of a clock, dad's smoking barbecue, the children laughing, the swimmers in the sea, the cards that are shuffled on the rug, the blanket on the shoulders at nightfall, and a nice glass of wine before going to sleep.

Although I love holidaying in the UK, this year, I'm going to give it a twist, and I'm going to run away from the grey sky of home. So pack the suitcases and take the children's hands, we are leaving for Costa Dorada...

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