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10 camping essentials not to forget on your next trip background image

10 camping essentials not to forget on your next trip

10 camping essentials not to forget on your next trip

5 November 2015
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No matter who you are, camping can be the perfect getaway. You can shoot off for a quick weekend break or even book to stay for a number of weeks, on various sites if need be. The options are seemingly endless too and whether you prefer high adrenaline activities, scenic hikes or countryside cycling, you’ll find the perfect campsite for your needs with Alan Rogers. 

However, you need to ensure bringing along the essentials for your next camping experience. We’re not talking about the pots and pans that probably live in your caravan or motorhome, but those key items that could slip the mind. 

Regardless of whether you’re bringing along your own caravan or staying in onsite accommodation, take a look at the following list and ensure to remember the camping essentials you may forget in a hurry.

1.    Medical Kit

Hopefully its contents won’t be needed, but remember to bring alcohol wipes, plasters, bandages, bug spray, bite cream and the other usual supplies. Don’t forget the sun cream either. 

2.    Windbreak

If you’re in a caravan or motorhome, don’t forget the windbreak. As well as its obvious role, it’ll give you a bit of privacy too. 

3.    Cool Box

When camping you may be tempted to take a picnic out and about with you. Keep everything cool by remembering to bring the box. 

4.    Matches / Lighter

If you’ve a gas hob, don’t forget the matches or lighter, even as a back-up for the built-in igniter. Otherwise you’ll be going hungry.

5.     Torch

Don’t bank on there being too much lighting at night, so pack a torch just in case you need it.

6.    Camping Chairs

Whether you’re sitting outside with breakfast or relaxing in the evening warmth, don’t forget your camping chairs and furniture.

7.    Wellies

You shouldn’t count on the weather being perfect, even if that’s the forecast. Setting up an awning in muddy conditions can be torture without wellington boots too. 

8.    Camera

From family snaps to beautiful scenery, remember to bring a camera or video recorder so you’ll always have memories of your camping trip. 

9.    Water Purification Tablets

Especially if you’re camping abroad, bring along water purification tablets. You should also consider bottled water, rather than drinking straight from the tap too. 

10.    Spare Batteries & Light Bulbs

It pays to be organised. Bring spare batteries, including AA and AAA, plus a few extra light bulbs just in case one blows.