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New Feature - Eco-Friendly Campsites Filter

You can now filter on campsites green credentials

28 March 2023
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Many campsites have been recycling their waste for years, but now you can search for your next campsite via the Alan Rogers website based on what they're doing to help reduce their carbon footprint and improve the environment. 

We're listing a whole range of Green Credentials, including:

Green Campsites
  • Energy / Resource Management
    • EV Charging Points
    • Solar Powered Facilities
    • Energy Saving Lighting
    • Air / Ground Source Heating
    • Reduced Water Consuming Toilets
    • Re-use of rainwater
  • Waste Management
    • Recycling Points
    • Ecological wastewater management
    • Communal composting facilities
    • Biodegradable soap/chemicals used in toilets
    • Reduced use of single-use items
  • Nature Management
    • Insect hotels and preservation of natural habitat
    • Wild areas of land (i.e. not mown or managed – wildflowers, etc.)
    • Responsible land management (limits or zero use of fertiliser/pesticides, no outflows into rivers etc.)
  • 3rd Party Eco Site Awards
    • David Bellamy Conservation Award - UK
    • EcoCamping - DE
    • Clef Vert - FR
    • Green Key - DK

It's all part of our plan to help reduce our footprint and make camping and caravanning the most planet-friendly type of travel!

We've also added a couple of articles explaining the various 3rd party eco-awards available, how to be a greener camper and how to care for the environment with the 2 Minute Foundation.

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