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How to prepare for your next hot tub break

Relax and unwind on your next hot tub holiday

30 March 2023
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Hot tub breaks are a complete change to the usual getaways you may experience – they’re a great treat, helping you to relax and unwind.

Girl in hot tub
Relax on a UK hot tub holiday

By having the best pre-holiday preparation techniques, you’ll have less to worry about whilst you’re away – allowing more time to spend enjoying your break!

If you need some help on how to have the best lodge with hot tub break, here are some tips, so you’re prepared for your next one…

Choose your destination

There are many places to experience a hot tub getaway, so the first step would be to plan where you would like to go. Take into account all of the activities you want to try whilst you’re away.

If you want to be closer to the beach and indulge in the hot tub after a cold dip in the sea, why not try North Wales or the Isle of Wight?

Pack the correct supplies

Swimwear on a hook
Don't forget your swimwear

Before you embark on your next hot tub holiday, it’s important to pack exactly what you need. You may think you won’t forget certain items, but in the excitement of holiday planning, this could happen.

Make sure to bring swimsuits and anything else you think would be suitable. Remember to account for what time of the year you’ll be holidaying. If you’re going during the summer, it’s important to bring hats and sunscreen to stay protected whilst soaking in the tub.

And once you get there, remember to keep towels, robes and other supplies close to the tub; that way, everything is at a safe and close distance so you stay warm.

Plan your activities

women in a hot tub
Relax and unwind

Another preparation tip is to plan out the hot tub activities you want to partake in, so you make the most of your hot tub and the rest of your holiday.

With a strong plan of activities and games, you can aim to tick as many off as possible. A good example is a game of charades that will get your holiday group laughing.

When exploring your holiday destination by day, use the hot tub as a way to soothe your body when you return in the evening. Did you know that there are a variety of health benefits when using a hot tub?

There are a range of other games to try, as well as simple workouts, but whatever you decide to choose, the hot tub jets are a perfect addition to any activity!

Always know where your towel is.

Keep it tidy

Hot tubs can get messy, with water splashing when you’re getting in and out. Avoid this by keeping your areas clean and tidy, and wiping up any spillages when they happen – you don’t want any preventable accidents.

With just a few simple safety precautions for your next hot tub holiday, remembering them will ensure the most enjoyable time!

Wherever you choose to go to experience a hot tub break, with these tips, you can plan as best as you can, so your next holiday will run as smoothly as possible!

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