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Little Known Activities You Can Do While On a Camping Trip with Family

One of the best things you can do as a family is planning a camping trip. For starters, camping as a family allows you to bond with the people you hold close to your heart. Besides, the journey is a great way to get in touch with nature and experience our national parks and campgrounds.

Whether it's the mountains, lake, or campground, the experience is good for your health, depending on the activities you engage in while there.

Try Nature Scavenger Hunt

Try Nature Scavenger Hunt
Try Nature Scavenger Hunt

Planning for a camping trip means that you will be taking your family away from their daily life. Children, especially, may start getting homesick if you don't keep them occupied. A perfect way to make sure that they are busy is by introducing the nature scavenger hunt. 

Before leaving for the campground, create a list of objects they should find in nature. The list should include things, such as butterflies, ladybugs, and shaped rocks, to mention a few. You can then form teams and see which team finds the entire list of objects. The hunt will especially keep the little ones busy and active during the daily activities as they will be looking to win.

How About Some Golf in the Wild?

Are you trying to improve your golfing skills? If you are just getting started with golf, you shouldn't let the camping trip block you from practising your swings. Your camping ground can make a good golf course if you want. Just make sure you ask the owners permission.

As they say, practice makes perfect. Therefore, you can bring your golfing equipment to the camp and make this an activity for everyone. Golf enthusiasts at The Left Rough say that it's easier to improve your gaming by practising with the proper equipment. Therefore, you don't have to wait to access a golf course for your practice when you are back home.

Many of the campsites we recommend have a golf course or driving range nearby.

Flashlight Tag

For little ones, nights away from home can be long and scary at the same time. When camping, you can make yours extra exciting by introducing the flashlight tag game. In this game, one family member (tagger) is given a flashlight. The game is played as you would do in normal tag, only that in this case, the tagger uses a flashlight to 'tag' people. The tagger flashes out every family member, and then the game starts again.

When playing flashlight tag, it's essential to set boundaries where the family members can hide for safety reasons.

How About Geocaching?

If your family loves treasure hunting games, then this game may work perfectly for you. Geocaching is more of an adventure game, and that uses a smartphone app. People from around the world create hiding places and then place cache coordinates on the internet. 

The app users then visit the caches and sign a guest book. Before you start your camping trip, be sure to check for caches online near your camping ground. Your family will enjoy exploring the area while looking out for hidden caches.


Telling stories has been there since the old era. It's an activity that never seems to fade away. If you have a story that you have always wanted to share with the entire family, this should be a perfect time. It works better in the campfire ring after enjoying dinner. You can try the chain story games to make the activity exciting. Here, one person makes up a story by giving a few lines and then passing it to the next person. The plot goes around until someone in the circle decides to end the story and start another. The game ensures that everyone in the game remains active.

Sky Watching

Sky Watching
Sky Watching

After spending your day hiking to keep fit, watching the sky at night sounds like a brilliant idea. If you are camping in the forest or someplace away from the city lights, this should be the perfect spot to satisfy your kids' curiosity about the sky and universe. Remember to bring along a telescope during the trip to observe the sky. Talk about the fascinating solar system, stars, moon, planets, and galaxies, and let your kids learn these things practically.

Family camping trips create a perfect opportunity to bond with the people you care about. Also, depending on the activities you engage in, these trips can be a healer, both mentally and physically. Mentioned in this blog are camping activities that often aren't considered. By introducing these activities to your trip, you will be making the trip fun that every family member will live to recall.

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