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Cuisine of Normandy

Cuisine of Normandy

As a destination of wide-open fields perfect for grazing cattle, and a coastal location for the easy sourcing of fresh fish, the cuisine of Normandy is defined by its high-quality dairy produce and array of seafood dishes. For something a bit sweeter, the region is acclaimed for its orchards, with is apples used in cookery and also for the production of cider – one of the region’s major industries.

Hearty mains

Dining in Normandy is the perfect chance to feast upon a host of delicious dishes, with local specialities including duck a la rouennaise and goose en daube. Both dishes provide an authentic taste of traditional France, with each prepared with a blend of full flavours. Other popular Norman dishes include rabbit stuffed with truffled pigs’ trotters, as well as veal served with cream and mushrooms.


Dairy produce

Cheeses of the Normandy region are among the finest in France, with instantly recognisable names having been produced throughout the area provides for centuries. Arguably the most famous of them all, Camembert, originates from the village of the same name and was first served back in the 18th century. Neufchatel, meanwhile, has a soft, crumbly texture and is one of the oldest cheeses in France, dating back to the 6th century. The heart-shaped cheese provides a mushroom-like taste and rounds off any meal beautifully.

Sweet treats

Tarte Tatin

With Normandy’s reputation for growing some of the finest apples in Europe, it’s not surprising that the fruit is prominent in many of the region’s desserts. A delicious tarte tatin is readily available, while a milky rice pudding known as teurgoule provides a tasty alternative. Even sweeter is the sucres de pommes, a candied apple favourite that originates from Rouen.


Such is the reputation for excellence enjoyed by the apples of Normandy, the use in cider production ensures that, whether in food or drink, not a single apple goes to waste. The Cider Route of Normandy, which stretches for 40 kilometres, offers an insight into the production of the region’s speciality, with ample opportunity to savour the sweet refreshments en route. With AOC certification, many of the ciders produced in the villages of the Normandy Cider Route represent the finest the world has to offer, and can be enjoyed when accompanying a meal or by itself.