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Walking in Franche Comté

Walking in Franche Comté

The ‘Free County’ of eastern France, set on the border with Switzerland and dominated by the undulating Jura Mountains, Franche-Comté is a sparsely populated region that provides the perfect escape from the rigours of day-to-day living. Dense pine forests and breathtaking mountains make for beautiful hiking routes, while the area's traditions and culture – heavily influenced by its Swiss neighbour – offer plenty to enjoy on a gentle walking holiday here.


Deep, spectacular valleys

Plunging deep below the peaks of the Jura Mountains, the valleys of Franche-Comté feature thick forest, with pathways winding between magnificent oak trees and following meandering waterways. Brightly coloured villages dot the landscape, each featuring a distict façade influenced by Swiss designs.

Mountain passes

Of course, while the beauty of valleys is one attraction for those embarking on a walking holiday in Franche-Comté, the peaks of the surrounding mountains present a challenge for more experienced hikers in search of spectacular vistas. As one of France’s premier cross-country skiing destinations, the Jura Mountains are rich in peaks and plateaux, whith a host of lakes and villages through the region.

In addition to the natural beauty so evident across the province, the historic capital of Besançon is packed with captivating sights. From the ancient citadel, to the museum at the 16th century Granvelle Palace, history and tradition come alive in this largely unknown jewel of France.