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Walking and Cycling in Brittany

Walking Holidays in Brittany

Brittany Coast

As the largest peninsula in France, Brittany reaches out across the Atlantic Ocean as though in search of adventure and has subsequently experienced its fair share of activity over the centuries. With the English Channel to its north and the Bay of Biscay to the south, this region inspires exploration, with coastal hikes unveiling rugged cliff faces and rocky capes and inland treks taking visitors into dense forest areas and across farmland.

Breathtaking coastline

Much of the peninsula's appeal undoubtedly lies in its stunning coastline, which is studded with rocky coves, secluded beaches and inlets. A walking holiday on Brittany's coast reveals a series of fishing ports and historic towns, including the ancient pirate port of St Malo, with uninterrupted views of the wide horizon looking out to sea.

Uncover hidden gems

Inland, walkers can discover the region’s Celtic heritage, its forests steeped in legend and its orchards, the produce of which makes the renowned Breton cider.

Cycling Holidays in Brittany

With its first class coastal trails and idyllic pastoral scenery, Brittany is a picturesque destination for a leisurely cycling holiday. Routes traverse the rugged coastline and pass through thick forest, negotiating level tracks and challenging ascents, and unveiling a series of natural attractions that create enduring memories.

Explore the Emerald Coast


Between Cap Frehel and Mont-St-Michel lies the stunning Emerald Coast. Comprising the Ille-et-Vilaine and Cotes d’Armor, this is a stretch of coastline that lends itself to discovery on two wheels. See beaches of golden sand and rocky cliff faces, and gaze out across the emerald waters from which the moniker originates. Travelling from Dinard to St Malo, a gentle cycling holiday on Brittany's famous coast is certain to enchant.

Off the beaten track

For something less structured and a little more exciting, heading inland through lush countryside provides the chance to uncover quaint towns and villages that offer a distinct charm and a warm welcome. Off-road cyclists can travel further from more tourist-dominated routes, to discover such attractions as the medieval chapels and museums of Blavet. It's also an opportunity to enter dense forests, where Celtic and Arthurian legends are set.