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Walking and Cycling in Aquitaine

Walking Holidays in Aquitaine

Set in south-west France, with 240 kilometres of sandy coastline and the Pyrenees mountain range marking the border with Spain, the region of Aquitaine is a destination that, without cliché, offers something for everyone. For able hikers and those looking to explore the region on foot, the combination of soaring peaks, sandy beaches, and rolling countryside provides endless opportunities for discovery. Regardless of age or ability, a walking holiday in Aquitaine promises much, and delivers more.

Head into wine country

Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux.

When it comes to wine, there are few names as synonymous with viticulture as Bordeaux. The prestigious vineyards found across the region have earned it the moniker ‘The Pearl of Aquitaine’ and offer walking enthusiasts boundless treaures to discover. Of course, there is much more to Bordeaux than the multitude of iconic wine houses; the Old Town was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status due to its magnificent, elegant architecture, and the myriad fortifications and castles can be easily explored on gentle walks through the centre of town.

Mountain walks


Stretching over 100 km across the border of southern France and northern Spain, the scenic Pyrenees are a haven for capable walkers. Regardless of season, a walk among the foothills or scaling the peaks guarantees vistas that will inspire: colourful fauna, rugged landscapes, and clear blue skies all combine to create an area that is at once imposing and serene.

The entire Aquitaine province can be explored on foot and offers much to see and do. Should the wine country or the mountains not appeal, the long stretches of sandy beach will almost certainly accommodate the needs of travellers in search of gentler walks.

Cycling Holidays in Aquitaine

As a region offering diversity in its terrain and sights, Aquitaine is the perfect location for a cycling holiday. From coast to country, mountain to town, the charms of this region and the range of cycling routes accommodate all tastes and all abilities.

Explore the Atlantic coast

There’s nothing quite like taking a leisurely bike ride along the coast, with the sea air and the sights and sounds of everyday life proving invigorating for all cyclists. A journey along the Aquitaine coast, therefore, offers one of the finest cycle experiences in all of France, with everything required for a compelling ride. Heading south along the Atlantic coast offers far more than simple seascapes; this is a voyage – one of the longest coastal trails in Europe – that also passes through thick forests and bustling towns. With the opportunity to uncover the charms of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bordeaux, there are few cycle trails with quite as much to offer.


Vineyard discovery

Should the allure of the Bordeaux wineries be too tempting to resist, a ride through leafy vineyards is the perfect choice. Famous wine towns such as Pauillac, Margaux, and St Emilion each have a rich heritage and will provide ample opportunity to sample the wines produced, while the elegant, majestic architecture of Bordeaux and its fabulous wine houses will deliver a selection of rich and indulgent flavours to taste. With gentle paths leading from vineyard to vineyard, a cycling holiday in Aquitaine wine country is certain to prove unforgettable.