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Camping in The New Forest All Year Round

The New Forest has remained largely unchanged for centuries, a paradise for rare and endangered species and a real getaway for the people who visit

The New Forest has remained largely unchanged for centuries, with ancient woodland and a unique natural environment preserved under Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Special Area of Conservation and Ramsar protections. Of course, society and technology have moved on a little, but the forest, landscape and heritage have been preserved.

The New Forest is a place that is well worth a holiday; even better, you can holiday here all year round. Every season brings something new to see and explore. So, you can choose a holiday that suits you.

Rockford Common, New Forest
Rockford Common, New Forest

A brief history of the New Forest

The history of the New Forest starts with the great William the Conqueror, who named the forest his new hunting forest, or 'Nova Foresta'. William was responsible for the complex system of managing and maintaining the forest.

Since then, the forest has seen a succession of rulers and influencers, with it being an integral part of Tudor and Elizabethan eras. The New Forest even played its role during both World Wars.

This ancient community's history is captivating and worth digging a little deeper into when you visit.

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Things to do while camping in The New Forest

It won't come as a surprise that walking is one of the top activities while in the New Forest! The extensive woodland and surrounding area have plenty of walking trails to explore, and you will always find something new to see along the way.

Want something different? Hire a bike and cycle one of the many cycling trails or even take an organised horse ride. There are a host of other outdoor activities you can choose from, including water sports, boat tours and wildlife parks you can visit.

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A couple of must-see tourist destinations are Hurst Castle and Furzey Gardens.

Hurst Castle is a fortress built by Henry VIII. Its original intention might have been a strategic fortress to ensure a robust defence, but now it offers you the best views of the area and a fascinating look back at Tudor life.

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Furzey Gardens is a tranquil and attractive woodland garden with a quaint tea room. The gardens are a riot of colour throughout spring, summer and autumn, although the most intriguing part of the walk will be trying to find all the fairy doors hidden within the gardens.

For more inspiration on things to do in The New Forest, please take a look at their website, which has lots of information on visiting and things to do in the area, as well as more information on the intriguing history of The New Forest.

New Forest campsites

The New Forest has many fantastic campsites. Take a look and see which one is perfect for your next holiday.

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Matley Wood Camping in the Forest site is a seamless mix of forest and smaller open spaces. This secluded site offers a compellingly beautiful woodland...

Holmsley Camping in the Forest site occupies part of what was once Holmsley Airfield in WWII, one of twelve New Forest wartime airfields and Advanced...