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Best last minute Christmas presents for outdoor lovers

It’s not too late for last minute Christmas presents…

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Buying presents for outdoor lovers, activity junkies and camping enthusiasts is surprisingly easy. There are plenty of things one might need while they’re out camping! If you’re looking to buy some last-minute Christmas presents for campers, then check out these excellent ideas: 

Unigear Camping Hammock

Hammocks bring both fun and practicality to the camping life. Speak to any camping enthusiast, and they’ll admit that sleeping on the ground isn't always ideal. So, buy them the Unigear Camping Hammock to move their bed up off the floor. This hammock is big enough for two people and comes with sturdy straps to tie it between two posts. It’s surprisingly comfy, very easy to set up, and is available in a variety of colours. 

Intex Explorer Inflatable Kayak Set

Camping enthusiasts will love the inflatable kayak set from Intex. It’s shaped like a banana and can comfortably fit two, average-sized, adults. You get a pair of high-quality aluminium oars with it as well, which makes it so easy to paddle around in streams and lakes. Kayaking is always a fun thing to do when you go camping, but it’s hard to carry a large kayak around. This solves the problem as it fits into a small box when not inflated! It’s the perfect gift for campers who love to get a bit wet when they’re outside. 

Tronsmart Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Speaking about getting wet, this waterproof portable speaker is another brilliant Christmas gift for campers. It has 24 hours of non-stop playtime and Bluetooth capabilities. This means it seamlessly connects with mobile devices, allowing you to play your favourite songs. It boasts a range of 100 ft, so you don’t have to be right up close for the Bluetooth to work. The best feature is obviously the waterproofing ability - your camping friends could even take this out on their inflatable kayak for some on-board entertainment!

Inflatable Air Sofa

The Other Inflatable Air Sofa is an ideal gift for campers that want to bring some home comforts to the campsite. You can blow up this gigantic inflatable and end up with a sofa that’s large enough for two adults to sit side-by-side. That’s not all, it can actually be set into five different positions. This includes a double-bed mattress, sofa bed, and more. It’s waterproof as well, and the velvety texture gives it a luxurious look and feel. 

RAVPower Solar Charger

One of the main camping problems is that you might not have direct access to a lot of electricity (1st world problems!) Therefore, you have to stock up on portable chargers - which end up running out anyway. You can improve the camping experience for your friends by getting them the RAVPower Solar Charger. It’s composed of top-quality solar panels that consume solar energy and use it to charge up to three devices via USB ports. The panels can be folded as well, which means you can manoeuvre them around different objects or lay them flat on the ground. It’s incredibly convenient - and weather-resistant too!

Summer Infant Pop ‘N Play Playpen

Keep the children safe with this playpen. It can quickly be folded down into a small travel bag, then popped back up again in a matter of seconds. When erect, this playpen is 73cm tall, making it perfect for keeping the little ones away from danger. There’s enough space in the pen for the kids to run around and play with their toys, but the parents can relax and enjoy some sunbathing or other activities. If you have any camping enthusiast friends with children, they will definitely appreciate a gift like this. 

Swiss Army Knife

Are you really a camper without a Swiss army knife? Everyone should have one on their person when they go camping (ok, maybe not the kids). The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife comes with nine different attachments that can be used in all kinds of scenarios. This includes some mini scissors, a small knife, a corkscrew, a bottle opener, and even a tiny saw. It’s beautifully designed to fit in your pocket without taking up too much room. This is the kind of gift that will be used forever. Plus, it’s the ideal size for a little stocking filler. 

Compression Pillows

You don’t have anywhere to rest your head while sleeping. You could bring a pillow, but they tend to be too big. Particularly if you have a family of four, and everyone needs a pillow. It’s an inconvenience, but waking up with neck pain is hardly fun! That’s why compression pillows are an excellent Christmas gift for campers. These pillows can be compressed down into a compact shape that you can carry in one hand. Around four or five of these will amount to the same size as one normal pillow. Now, you can sleep at night with added comfort. 

Folding City Bike

The best Christmas gifts for campers are ones that add convenience and practicality. Lots of people want to bring their bikes along for the ride when they head out to a campsite. Unfortunately, you lack space - again! With the ECOSMO Folding City Bike, you have a bike that’s perfect for campers. It folds down into a convenient shape, and at only 12kg, it’s relatively easy for the average person to carry. Then, you can fold it back out and use it like a normal bike - brilliant! 

Metal Detector

Lastly, a metal detector can be the perfect tool to bring on a camping trip. Kids love playing around with metal detectors as they love the element of fun involved in searching for hidden treasures. Plus, there will probably be plenty of hidden coins and metals around a campsite! The MYLEK metal detector is an excellent choice as it’s lightweight and compact. You get free headphones to hear the beeping as well, along with some excellent features that make it highly accurate at finding specific metals. 

All in all, you’ve got ten fantastic gift options for camping enthusiasts. They’re all excellent, and they come in at different price points. So, look through these Christmas gifts for campers and pick the best ones to give to your family/friends. 

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