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Camping Cheque FAQs

Camping Cheque can seem like a complex scheme to those who are unfamiliar with it. We've provided this page to answer the most frequently asked questions, but if you require information that isn't supplied here, please contact our team on 01342 336621.

How long are my Cheques valid for?

Camping Cheques are valid for two seasons, meaning you can use them up to the end of the year in which you bought them and for the whole of the following year. If you bought Cheques in April 2015, therefore, they are valid until December of 2016.

Cheques are generally accepted on sites until mid July and after late August, with more than 90 sites in France accepting them from 20th August. A number of sites accept Cheques outside these dates too, but be sure to check the sites you’re planning to book in the Camping Cheque directory.

Can I take my dog abroad with Camping Cheque?

Yes. Your Cheques cover a pet as well as two adults and an outfit.

What is a Silver Card?

Many people still use paper Camping Cheques, but increasingly, customers are using electronic Cheques, which are loaded onto a card called the Silver Card. You buy electronic Cheques in exactly the same way as paper ones, but when it comes to paying the campsites, you hand over your Silver Card and the Cheques are automatically redeemed.

One benefit of the Silver Card is that should you lose it, your Cheques are not lost. Additionally, you can top up your card while on holiday, giving you complete freedom when you travel.

Are there any offers?

There are often deals running on various campsites, the most common of which are discounts on multiple night stays. Many sites offer seven nights for the price of six, or 14 nights for the price of 11. Check the site directory or the Camping Cheque website for details of offers.