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101 best campsites for nature lovers 2015

More than any other form of holiday, camping is closely linked with nature. Whether you trace the links back to primitive forms of camping, such as the Native Indians or even the Scout movement, all require an understanding of our natural surroundings and a dependence on it. Today, for most people, the main appeal of a camping holiday is that link with nature - however it may manifest itself.

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We may dream wistfully of childhood tents in the garden, waking up to the dawn chorus after a night of toasted marshmallows and fireside stories. We may dream of life in the wigwams of the North American prairies, at one with nature. We may dream of taking the caravan deep into some picture postcard location, or unpacking the surfboard on some wild, unspoilt beach. Wherever we look for nature, and whatever we want from that quest, camping 'amidst nature' invariably brings a unique sense of wellbeing and a taste of a simpler life. This guide highlights 101 campsites which all, in differing ways, offer a taste of nature. Whether nestling in wild dunes by the sea or surrounded by alpine meadows, you'll find a campsite which will provide you with a taste of the natural world.

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  • Detailed reports on 101 campsites across Europe
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  • Special offers and extra campsite information
  • Summary of features, facilities and accommodation
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