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Discover the best campsites in Europe with the market leading Alan Rogers guides. Independently inspected and selected, every featured campsite has a review, an overview of facilities and a guide to charges.

How it works

Simply download the app through your iTunes account and then select your preferred digital guides and purchase them. You’ll be able to refer to them on the move at home and abroad. Each featured site has a link to its website too, making booking quick and easy.

To download the FREE Alan Rogers Publications app simply click on the download button and you will be taken to the official download page. Alternatively you can scan the QR code from your device and this will take to the official download page.



Alan Rogers Publications App FAQ.

Q. Can I re-download my guides if I've deleted them or re-installed the app?
A. Yes. Simply repeat the process through your iTunes account.

Q. Will I be charged again if I re-download the same guide more than once?
A. You won’t be charged to do this. When you purchase one of our guides through your iTunes account, you can then re-download it as many times as you need to, for free. The button may say ‘purchase’, but no money will be taken from your account; this is simply to authenticate subsequent downloads of the same guide against their original purchase.

Q. What if I purchased a 2013 or 2014 guide?
A. If you’ve purchased a 2013 or 2014 guide, you’ll need to contact us to enable your purchase on the new version of the app.

Q. My book has disappeared from the Bookstore Library, what should I do?
A. The iPad has a 'clever' way of freeing up space by deleting big files when you're low on space, sometimes this is useful but occasionally it means your guides are deleted by the iPad without warning. To resolve this issue, first ensure you have plenty of free space and then re-download the guides by repeating the purchase process - you won't be charged twice for the same book.

Q. I open the book from the bookshelf but just get a blank screen, what should I do?
A. This happens when a download didn't complete. This is usually because the app was closed during the download or the iPad lost its connection to the internet during the download. To solve this, simply delete the existing book and repeat the purchase process to re-download the guide, leaving the app running and ensuring your internet connection is working. You won't be charged twice for the same book.