Over 8000 of Europe's best campsites, right at your fingertips

Snooper Ventura Pro

Thanks to the invention of sat nav, finding your destination in a foreign country has become easier than ever. But individual campsites are not always listed on a regular sat nav, and others attempt to take you on roads that are unsuitable for caravans and motorhomes.

Introducing the Ventura Pro

Alan Rogers has teamed up with mobile GPS specialist Snooper to offer caravanners and motorhomers the perfect companion to European touring. Using routes designed to accommodate larger vehicles, the Ventura Pro will guide you safely around the continent, as well as providing a host of features such as traffic information technology and Bluetooth.

In addition, there are no fewer than 3,000 campsites listed that have been inspected and selected by Alan Rogers. Search for a site by name, site number or location, view information about it and allow the device to take you straight there. 

Prices start from £269.99

For further details, visit the Snooper website.