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Travelling in Europe: Where can your camping take you in 2016?

Europe has much to offer for campers of all ages and varying interests...

Europe has much to offer for campers of all ages and varying interests. Whether you’d prefer a beach resort packed full of family-friendly activities, or a quiet countryside retreat to relax in the midst of nature, Alan Rogers has inspected and selected thousands of the finest campsites throughout Europe for you to enjoy. 

So, where will your 2016 adventure take you? Regardless of your budget or if you’ll be staying in onsite accommodation or your own caravan or motorhome, you can find the perfect campsite for 2016.  


It may not be your first thought, but why not take advantage of England’s beauty and save yourself some time and expense on the travelling. There are incredible areas of the country to enjoy and whether you’re alone or with the kids, superb sites and experiences to make the most of.

England is rich with historical sites, stunning natural beauty and adventure days for the kids – So why not take a look at staying closer to home in 2016 at an English campsite?


Just over the border you have the beautiful country of France, home to thousands of amazing campsites in both urban and rural locations.

The landscape is so diverse that no two trips will be the same and some of the biggest attractions include activity adventures in the Alps, historical sites in Normandy and the sunning countryside of Auvergne. Why not take a look at some of the most celebrated French campsites today? 


Another country worthy of your consideration in 2016 is Germany. In particular, outdoor activities are very popular, with opportunities for hiking, cycling and taking part in water sports.

From the spectacular Black Forest to the hot springs of Baden-Baden, Germany is full of architecture, rural retreats, shopping destinations and fun-filled family days to keep everyone happy. 


Searching for the perfect beach campsite or want to visit a culturally-rich city? Then Spain has the answer. With a warm climate, beautiful scenery and incredible sites, why not give Spain your thoughts in 2016?

Popular regions include Catalunya, Andalucía and of course, Spain’s amazing cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia

Camping holidays offer endless opportunities and whatever your personal interests, you’ll find the ideal location to satisfy your needs. Regardless of whether you’re travelling alone or as a family, why not take a look at our range of inspected and selected campsites in Europe and choose the perfect destination?