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What to expect at the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show

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Bigger and bolder than ever before, the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show is returning to the NEC from 13th to 18th October this autumn. Over the course of this extensive 10am-6pm six-day event, the NEC will be the only place in the UK wherein motor home fans and caravanning enthusiasts will be able to view all of the new and highly anticipated 2016 additions to the industry. 

This of course, includes caravans, motor homes, holiday homes, trailer tents and folding caravan models that have been designed and developed by the major British and European manufacturers. Fresh from the production line and as yet unseen by consumers, this exciting exhibition offers spectators an exclusive glimpse behind the curtain of some of the world's most innovative outdoor excursion manufacturers. 

What's more, given that last year's record breaking show attracted more than 100,000 caravan, motor home and trailer tent enthusiasts to the NEC, you can rest assured this year's event will offer even more technological innovations, new model layouts and automotive creations to amaze and enthral all who attend.

Therefore, whether you have already booked your tickets or if you are considering attending, listed below is everything you will need to know about what to expect at the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show. 

Venue Information & Opening Times

Once again, the Motor Home & Caravan Show will be hosted at the NEC in Birmingham in Halls 6 to 12 and 17 to 20. Similarly to the 2014 Motor Home & Caravan Show, at this year's event your parking will be included within your ticket price and you’ll be able to park all manner of vehicles, caravans and motor homes within the NEC's extensive car parking facilities. However, it is worth bearing in mind that overnight parking is forbidden. 

Tickets for the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show are available to purchase in advance or on the door. By booking your tickets online in advance you’ll be able to save £3.50 as a reduction off on-the-door ticket prices. Tickets are £7.50 for seniors, £8.50 for adults and kids go free. You will also be able to skip the queues that inevitably amount at this extremely popular annual event. 


If you are an avid caravan enthusiast, the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show is the ideal event for acquiring inspiration with which to plan your ideal holiday. This is due to the fact that over 39 British and European major caravan manufacturers will be exhibiting their newest 2016 model layouts and interiors at the event. This will equip you with an exclusive opportunity to sample the latest models and glean some firsthand industry insights from their manufacturers. 

From providing towing advice and information on exclusive financing options, to letting you test the latest gadgets, this six-day event will enable you to peruse and purchase your dream caravan and matching accessories.

Motor Homes

With over 63 exhibitors from the motor homes industry expected to attend the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show, this event will enable you to step inside some of the latest motor home models and layouts. You’ll also be able to discuss their merits in detail with the distinguished British and European manufacturers who brought them to life. Regardless of whether you prefer compact conversions or decadent coach-builds, traditional designs or forward-thinking contemporary creations, at the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show you will be able to find something for all tastes. 

There are even special edition layouts and interiors in order to locate the exact specifications and designs that will suit you. Moreover, once you have found your perfect motor home, you will also be able to discuss fuel economy and size and weight specifications with industry leading professionals, taking advantage of show-only order deals that will equip you with a new motor home in time for the 2016 touring season.

Holiday Homes

In addition to caravan and motor home manufacturers, there will be several industry-leading holiday park operators and authorities who will be hosting exhibitions at the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show. Amongst these notable organisations you’ll find: Allen's Caravans, Omar Park Homes Ltd, Pathfinder Parkhomes Ltd, Wessex Unique Lodges & Park Homes. Consequently, by attending this event you will be able to view the latest 2016 innovations in holiday homes and luxurious lodges. 

By comparing the specifications, interior and exterior designs and layouts of these decadent holiday homes, as well as receiving free locations, services, accessories, facilities and financing advice from holiday home experts, you will be able to design and order the bespoke holiday home of your dreams.

Additional Exhibitions

In addition to these in-depth caravan, motor home and holiday home exhibitions, there will also be a wide range of additional stalls and booths at the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show, accommodating for a vast array of outdoor interests. Amongst these exclusive show exhibitions you’ll have the chance view the latest models of trailer tents and folding caravans and the opportunity to discuss the best British and European campsites and holiday destinations with tourist board and holiday park representatives. 

You will also have the chance to peruse and purchase all manner of motor home and caravanning accessories, gadgets, awnings and porches from the myriad of stalls, booths and exhibitors present at the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show. Whether you would like to purchase an electric bike or discuss your caravanning finance and insurance options with leading finance experts, the sky's the limit at the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show. 

Exclusive Attractions

After viewing all of the exhibitions present at the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show you will also be able to experience some of the event's enlightening and entertaining free attractions. For instance, at this year's event there will be a free awning fitting service provided by Fiamma factory trained engineers, as well as free towing and motor home manoeuvring lessons offered by automotive manufacturers Jeep and Ssangyong Motor UK Ltd. These driving sessions will permit you to sample the latest models of tow cars and 4x4s, and will also enable you to resolve any queries that you may have regarding their exact towing specifications and vehicular capabilities.

There will also be an ‘Expert's Theatre’ section at the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show wherein you will be able to view live shows covering all aspects of the motor home and caravanning industries. From product launches and Q&A sessions with industry-leading officials to live cookery shows and guest panels, by attending the 2015 Motor Home & Caravan Show you will be able to broaden your knowledge of all aspects of the caravanning industry.

Visit Alan Rogers at the 2015 Motor Home and Caravan Show

Last but certainly not least, make sure to drop by the Alan Rogers stand at this year’s Motor Home and Caravan Show. We’d love the chance to talk about your camping experiences and any plans you have for your 2016 adventure. 

On the Alan Rogers stand you can pick up copies of our guides, chat to our assessors about your travels, and take a copy of our free Destinations magazine for inspiration. You can also find brochures from individual campsites to help you decide where to go. It’s the perfect excuse to start thinking about next year’s trip.

We’re on Stand 40 in Hall 9 throughout the show, so make sure to come and have a chat with us next week. 

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  • Linda


    2 years ago

    We are organising a trip to Scandinavia this summer in our Motorhome but are unable to find any books showing us campsites or aires as in the rest of Europe.  We feel we need some way of finding campsites other than our satnav. Can you help us.

  • Lace Thomas

    Lace Thomas

    2 years ago

    I’m not that much used to camping during the cold season because of the climate conditions, but reading your tips on how to keep warm during the season is helpful.

  • Lace Thomas

    Lace Thomas

    2 years ago

    I grew up camping with my lower middle class family. Cheap way to see a lot of the country. I love it. Many campgrounds have restrooms and a shower. They vary in quality and cleanliness, but if you plan to shower at the campground, ALWAYS have flip flops or sandals or crocs to wear in the shower. Its a little weird at first, but everyone does it and a few minutes of feeling a little odd when you first jump in is better than foot fungus. Plus, showering nude and having a woodland breeze blowing through the open window is oddly freeing. You gotta try it. Camping rules!!!

  • Jeroen


    2.2 years ago

    Een geweldige blog! smile

  • Jason


    2.2 years ago

    Thank you for hosting at the show. The wife and I had a great time looking around. It has given us great ideas to spruce up our caravan, that we bought recently on . Thanks again. Jason

  • hcg diet plan comparison

    hcg diet plan comparison

    2.3 years ago

    Ughhh, stomach body weight squandering rules please?

  • KB Safdar

    KB Safdar

    2.5 years ago

    A Unique place, with all the calmness and relaxation, just me and nature’s beauty….

  • Graham W

    Graham W

    3.2 years ago

    WE are neither of those that you note in the BLOG
    We prefer comfort and warmth using our now aging Tourer to travel around Europe

    We used be called explorers except we now take well trodden paths that are wheelchair friendly we now prefer sites with plenty of facilities though not necessarily those for families but also not necessarily adult only.  Yet this year we have been wild camping on a show site (not a caravan show either) and have used Camping Cheques and ACSI sites as well as UK Commercial ones

    So you could say we are Comfort Campers

    The Madcaravanner

  • Graham Wilson

    Graham Wilson

    3.6 years ago

    Forgot to mention I love being able to get near to RAILWAYS too

  • Graham Wilson

    Graham Wilson

    3.6 years ago

    What type of camper???
    A Tin Tenter
    Someone who can get his wheelchair or scooter around the site without problems
    Someone who can relax and take in nature whilst enjoying some fishing or photography
    Someone who would love to just disappear for weeks at a time to anywhere in Europe

  • Kevin Holley

    Kevin Holley

    3.8 years ago

    Was offered a position as inspector a couple of years ago. Waited for the necessary info to arrive, but never heard any more. Thought it may have been something to do with the takeover. Spend a lot of time in France, any positions available now?

    Kevin Holley