The Alan Rogers VW Camper

Since our post yesterday, it has come to light that once upon a time there was an Alan Rogers camper van. Back in 1989, our own Keith and Susie Smart travelled with their daughter, Caroline, through Spain and Portugal inspecting campsites along the way. The trusty VW camper, which was a rather attractive shade of brown, served as their home as they went from site to site, ensuring each met the exacting Alan Rogers standards.

Starting in Santander they journeyed along the north coast, assessing three campsites a day, before driving down through Portugal and back into southern Spain. In Gibralter, they caught a flight back to the UK while the camper waited for the next set of inspectors to pick it up and continue the tour.

Susie was kind enough to dig out some photos, and brave enough to let us share them...

Susie and Caroline on one of the many campsites they visited during the tour.

Caroline hanging out on the hammock that was her bed for three weeks.