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So, you think we don’t inspect?

Our crack team of Alan Rogers campsite assessors get ready to spend two months on the road inspecting sites to ensure they meet our standards. They join us at ARHQ for some training and advice - assessors both new and old!

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April 29 was the designated date of the assessors’ meeting. After the first round of tea and coffee, the inspectors were briefed on how to carry out their reviews and introduced to the all-important Alan Rogers style guide. Lunch followed, along with more tea and coffee, and the assessors then talked through a trial inspection of a local campsite that was carried out the day before. 

Some  inspectors are already visiting their first sites. You can spot their blue polo shirts and clipboards all over Europe from now until July as they note down details of pitches, inspect toilet blocks and rate leisure facilities. Their expert reviews will help to keep both our guides and website up to date, ensuring you know what to expect when you go on your camping holiday.

Simply look for the ‘inspected and selected’ stamp on our website to find out if a campsite you’re thinking of visiting has been inspected.

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