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How to take your trip to the next level with luxury camping

When it comes to the great outdoors there’s so much on offer. With stunning locations scattered around the UK and Europe, it’s easy to find the perfect destination with the facilities and activities you love included. 

However, there’s a new breed of camping beginning to take holidaymakers by storm. Luxury camping is a concept whereby you can enjoy nature and everything it has to offer, without losing your favourite home comforts. Whether you’re in an urban setting, on the coastline or even in the sticks, you can thoroughly enjoy your camping experience and truly get the most from your time away. 

Who should go luxury camping?

Luxury camping should appeal to everyone. From singletons or couples, to families and groups of friends, there’s no reason to distance yourself from the idea of glamorous accommodation. 

Otherwise referred to as ‘glamping’, this style of camping often provides more facilities and options to take advantage of. Even music festivals have taken the approach of offering luxury-type accommodation, as an alternative to traditional tenting.

What is luxury camping accommodation?

Luxury camping is intended to keep you in your comfort zones, with access to all the amenities you need. The accommodation itself can vary from campsite to campsite – from caravans and motorhomes to onsite chalets, yurts, tipis and even treehouses. 

There’ll also be the opportunity to bring your own accommodation for the trip, especially if you’re planning to stay in Europe. What’s certain is with the right accommodation you’ll be able to enjoy a memorable experience, no matter the time of year. 

How to find the perfect luxury camping break? 

If you’re thinking of luxury camping as a possibility, you’ll want to start planning your next trip away. This is one of the most crucial parts of the process – thorough planning and preparation. 

You’ll need to consider your budget and also the destination of choice. Luxury camping or ‘glamping’ sites will likely be more expensive, but what’s certain is the unique experience on offer. Remember too, whilst the accommodation itself won’t be lacking, you can still save money by cooking your own food and enjoying your evening drinks under the stars – Rather than in the local town.

Choose from our inspected and selected campsites

At Alan Rogers we’ve inspected and selected the finest luxury campsites around Europe, so you have the opportunity to find out more and book the perfect escape today. Why not explore your options and start getting excited for your next trip away?

We’d also love to hear more about your luxury camping experiences or any tips and advice you have to share for virgin ‘glampers’. Just comment below with your memories and tips.