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Your ultimate guide to festival camping

If it’s your first time, there are some basics to bear in mind if you want to make the most...

If it’s your first time, there are some basics to bear in mind if you want to make the most of your experience. Luckily, our camping pros have some advice to get you through unscathed.

Pitch up early

Getting to the festival as early as possible means you can scope out the best place to pitch, whether it’s proximity to the music, the bathrooms or some shade that’s your priority. If the ground is sloped, go higher – if it rains, you don’t want to be the one sleeping in a puddle. You may also want to consider how close you are to the ‘afterparty tent’. These are often present and contain dance floors, speakers and all manner of all night fun. If you love to party all night then a spot close by will give you the least distance to get back; if you’re the turn in at midnight type, try to find somewhere more quiet.

Confetti concert

Stand out from the crowd

When the music’s over and the last beer has been consumed, you will want to be able to find your tent as easily as possible. Pitch by a recognisable landmark or tie something visible to your tent that is easy to spot in the dark. It’s also a good idea to pop a torch in your pocket when you start the day’s fun to help you find your temporary home when the party’s over.

Tent type

Modern tents are a doddle to put up, but we especially recommend the ‘instant’ models. These have a coiled, sprung frame fitted into the fabric and provide a simple yet effective living space. Given the tendency for rain on festival weekends, choose a tent with a high Hydrostatic Head (1500 or more) to ensure you stay dry. Coleman has a selection of instant tents that can be pitched in no time and are designed to keep you dry and bug-free.

World jamboree tents

Get set

Set up your bedding once you’ve pitched the tent – leaving it until later is never going to end well. Get the airbeds blown up and the sleeping bags arranged so you’re ready to sleep as soon as you want to.

Keep it simple

If you have good intentions of keeping your festival menu nutritious, it’s vital to plan in advance. Pack a reliable camping stove and food that is easy to prepare. There are some great cool boxes on the market that keep food cold for days, so instant noodles and soup sachets are a thing of the past if you prefer finer cuisine. Baked potatoes are always a great option, as are hot dogs. Visit the Millets website for some good value cool boxes.