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Grab yourself the best Black Friday camping deals

Black Friday is just around the corner, and if you needed an excuse to expand your camping gear collection, then this is it!

Although no excuse is ever really necessary to prepare for your next camping holiday, you may as well take the opportunity to grab yourself a bargain, either for yourself or as a great Christmas gift.

We have found some of the best early Black Friday camping deals for you, so take a look and buy a bargain today. Click on the images to find out more about each product.

Creature comforts for your tent

After your tent, the most important things to consider when going camping are all the items that go in your tent to make it feel comfortable and homely. Once you have the bedding and essentials, then you can start to take a look at the luxuries you can add to make your camping experience even more comfortable.

Customer shopping in sports store
Customer shopping in sports store

While we can't pop to the shops this Black Friday, the annual shopping event will be stepping up its game online this year.

LED camping lantern

Unless you want to head to bed when the sun sets, having some lighting options in your tent is necessary. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from, such as this fantastic LED camping lantern with built-in torches. 

For a versatile lighting option, you can't do much better. Not only does this function as a portable lantern, but it also includes two detachable torches, a compass, and a USB rechargeable battery. You can keep this lantern in your tent or take it out and about with you to light your way on evening walks or midnight wanders to the toilet. 

These are some of the fantastic features of this lantern:

  • Provides up to 600 lumens when on its brightest setting
  • Versatile with multiple lighting options. You can turn on the main lantern or include the lighting from the torches too for extra brightness
  • Charges in about four to five hours and you can charge either via USB in the car or insert batteries
  • Water-resistant so it should still work on drizzly days
LE LED Camping Lantern
LE LED Camping Lantern

LE LED Camping Lantern - available on Amazon 

Camping showers

Many campsites have fantastic shower blocks and amenities, but there are always occasions when you want your own shower and water supply. This piece of kit is useful for freshening yourself up or to give muddy dogs a hose down after a long walk. You could even use it to rinse off bikes and equipment. 

This option by Liberrway is an excellent addition to your camping collection. It can provide both warm and cooler water options for up to 45 minutes. Just pop the pump into a water supply and turn it on for a quick shower. 

Take a look at these awesome features:

  • Weighing in at just 0.65 kg this is a lightweight and portable shower option
  • Comes with a water filter system that conforms to European safety standards
  • Water flows at 3.5 litres per minute and with a full charge can run for up to 45 minutes - perfect for an outdoor shower, bathing your pet, or washing down bikes and equipment
  • The battery comes with a 2-year warranty
LIBERRWAY Camping Shower
LIBERRWAY Camping Shower

Liberway Camping Shower - available on Amazon

Shower privacy tent

Got a portable shower? You might want to consider adding a little privacy. There is some good news; you can have your shower and be private too. This standing tent offers you a portable and easy-to-put-up tent that gives the perfect amount of privacy for your shower, toilet or changing room on the beach.

Each privacy tent includes the following features:

  • The standing tent is made from anti-tear material and is made to last 
  • The perfect size for a changing room or shower room at 120cm x 120cm in width. The height is 195cm so suitable for those up to six foot tall
  • Easy to set up, this tent can be assembled in a few steps. You can also dismantle the tent just as quickly
  • This is a versatile tent that can be used outside your tent for extra changing space or to house your shower or facilities
SOONHUA Shower Privacy Toilet Tent
SOONHUA Shower Privacy Toilet Tent

Soonhua Shower Tent - available on Amazon

Keep your hands clean with a portable sink

Since the pandemic struck, we are all a little more hygiene-aware. When camping, your washing options can be limited, especially when out and about or even when in your tent. 

This portable hand washing basin is the perfect solution. With a built-in water tank, tissue holder and liquid soap dispenser, it includes everything you could need to keep your hands clean. 

You can take this portable sink anywhere you go. Perfect for a picnic, for trips to the beach or countryside and of course, perfect for taking with you camping for a handy hand washing station right at your tent. 

Just take a look at the complete features included:

  • Water tank with a foot pump to pump the water through to the tap
  • The water tank has wheels for ease of moving. The water tank also includes a built-in handle so you can carry it
  • Comes with a liquid soap dispenser and tissue holder
  • All pipes and taps included in the box. Just add water and soap!
WISAMIC Portable Camping Sink
WISAMIC Portable Camping Sink

Wisamic Portable Sink - available on Amazon

Keeping comfortable when out on walks

Walking is a big part of the camping experience with many of us choosing to plan some long hikes around the countryside or along beautiful beaches as part of the holiday. While walking, make sure you have everything you need with you for your safety and comfort. Here are a few options for you to consider buying this Black Friday. 

Keep dry with a poncho

Wherever you go camping, you might come across some bad weather from time to time. So, it is best to be prepared. You can plan without having to take bulky waterproof clothing with you by choosing a poncho like this one from Redcamp.

Available in a variety of colours this is a poncho with a difference. You can use the hook and loop tapes to create yourself some sleeves. This allows for comfort and ease of movement whilst staying dry.

  • A versatile poncho that can be used as a raincoat, but it is also useful as a picnic mat or waterproof cloth to put down before you sit down
  • Comes with a hood and a button for protection from the rain and a comfortable fit
  • Made from 190T waterproof polyester 

REDCAMP Poncho for adults - available on Amazon

Ponchos for children

Poncho's are an excellent choice for your kids too. Lightweight and small enough for you to pop in your bag, waterproof and easy to wear so your children can continue to run around and enjoy themselves. We love these cute kids' poncho's available on Amazon. Pick between four colours and animals patterns for a practical wet weather solution that's fun to wear.

  • Made from waterproof material and each one comes with a hood for extra protection
  • The brim helps keep the rain out of your children's eyes, and the zip at the front ensures a great fit
  • Choose from four cute designs - giraffe, bunny, frog or a racoon
  • Made from polyester material for the ultimate in waterproof and comfort
LIVACASA Kids Poncho
LIVACASA Kids Poncho

LIVACASA Kids poncho - available on Amazon

Keep your hands warm on walks with hand warmers

Winter walks and rainy days are so much more comfortable if you can keep your hands warm. This is why having some heated hand warmers in your pocket is a must for any walk in the winter. 

These hand warmers are rechargeable and fit into your pocket for instant hand warmth whenever you need it. These are an innovative design that heat up internally rather than heating only the surface. This ensures a more even heat distribution. Perfect as a gift for anyone you know who suffers from cold hands.

  • Built with safeguards against circuit overloading
  • Double-sided so you get the benefit of evenly distributed heat
  • Made using lithium rechargeable batteries so you can use these again and again
  • Choose from three heat settings and come with a handy on-switch so you can warm up your hands whenever you need
GOFUNY hand warmer
GOFUNY hand warmer

GOFUNY Hand Warmer - available on Amazon

Heated socks to keep your toes warm

If you suffer from cold hands, then you probably get cold feet too! You can save your feet from the cold weather, even on winter walks, by investing in a pair of heated socks. This might seem too good to be true but innovative technology means you can now walk around with your own personal heater on your toes! 

Heated socks work by layering up insulating fabric with heating elements which are connected to a battery. The battery is rechargeable, and the material of the sock is designed to distribute the heat and insulate too.

  • These socks come in two sizes L and XL and are designed to keep your feet and lower legs warm
  • Each pair comes with a set of rechargeable lithium batteries with up to 8 charge
  • Choose from three heat settings
  • You can still pop these socks into the washing machine. Just don't forget to take out the battery first and don't tumble dry them
Rishaw Heated socks
Rishaw Heated socks

Rishaw Heated Socks - available on Amazon

Heated body warmer

For long walks in winter or cool nights sitting outside your tent, you can't beat a decent heated body warmer like this heated vest made by Vapespoon, ideal for camping or hiking this vest can also be used for cycling or horse riding to keep you warm through winter. 

Four distinct heating areas on the back, neck and core areas help provide a heat source that is then distributed evenly across the vest. You can control the heat sources in two sections separately, so you're in control of just how warm you want these vests to be.

  • Contains four heating pads to keep all areas of your core body warm
  • Three heat settings help you to control the level of the warmth required
  • Compatible with any 5v 2a USB power bank
  • Heats up fast. You are only ten seconds away from warmth!
Heated vest
Heated vest

Heated body warmer - available on Amazon

Black Friday camping deals that are great for the environment

Getting back to nature is one of the great benefits of a camping holiday. You can get back to nature while helping to minimise the impact you have on the environment with these fantastic Black Friday camping deals.

Choose water purifying straws instead of bottled water

Buying bottled water isn't great for your pocket, these are expensive, but in addition to this, bottled water also isn't great for you or the environment either. You can cut down on your environmental impact by taking water purifying straws with you on a hike or camping trip. 

These straws remove 99% of harmful substances from water and can improve both the odour and taste of water. So, you can fill up your bottles or use the water bag provided and ensure you get the benefits of filtered water without the cost. 

  • Easy to carry with you. Connect the straw to a water bottle to filter any impurities in the water
  • Perfect for camping - fill up with water whenever you can and attach the straw
  • Provides safe drinking water for up to 450,000 litres
Water purifier straws
Water purifier straws

Water purifying straws - available on Amazon

Environmentally-friendly cleaning with Oceansaver antibacterial solutions

Antibacterial cleaning products and wipes have always been a necessity when camping but with the world suffering from a pandemic, keeping things clean with good antibacterial products is even more critical. Unfortunately, this means an increase in the use of single-use plastic packaging, but with Oceansaver, you can minimise this impact. 

Buy yourself a starter kit that includes a spray bottle for life, and you then buy refills. These refills come in a variety of options for cleaning. You mix a drop of the plant-based cleaning solution with warm water and then give it a shake, and you have a cleaning product that is environmentally friendly, antibacterial and cuts through tough dirt.

  • Buy one bottle for life and keep on refilling it with drops of the cleaning solution
  • Available in options for cleaning floors, glass, kitchens, bathrooms and multipurpose cleaning
  • Tested in a lab for safety and to prove the cleaning ability of the products
  • These are available in a variety of fragrances for you to choose from