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Curious Camping Part 2 - Sensational Spain

Spain is everybody's favourite holiday destination and for good reason.

Sun, sea, sand and beautiful scenery might be the most obvious reasons to travel to this beautiful and varied country, but it is also a country full of intrigue and culture. 

Make the most of your holiday and take some time to feed your inner curiosity. There are so many fantastic places to visit in all regions of Spain. You can discover the interesting, the beautiful and explore some of the most peculiar attractions the country offers. We have put together a list of just a few for you to take a look at. 


Visit the iconic bridges of Ronda

Malaga is a charming region in Spain that sees many campers flock to it year after year. If you are looking to experience something a little different, why not head to Ronda while you are in the area? 

Ronda is a city that seems almost taken from the pages of a Harry Potter or JRR Tolkien book. Dating back to Roman times, the city has been built upon two sides of a canyon and is connected by three bridges. The bridges were constructed at varying times throughout the city's history, and each reflects an intriguing period. Stunning views and exquisite architecture ensure that this is a city you won't forget in a hurry! 

Ronda is a relatively short drive from the hotspots in Malaga, or you could choose to stay in a campsite close to the ancient city.

Gaudi's Barcelona
Gaudi's Barcelona

See a different side of Barcelona

Barcelona is a fascinating city with lots to discover. Once you have visited the iconic Sagrada Familia and taken a stroll through the gothic quarter, then you might be ready for something a little more quirky. This is when you should head to the chocolate museum. 

Chocolate is everyone's favourite treat. This museum is dedicated to showcasing the history of chocolate from its early beginnings to modern mass-production. You can take part in some activities and get hands-on with chocolate. 

This is definitely a trip for anyone interesting in visiting something a little different. There are plenty of stunning campsites to choose from in the area which allow you to explore this enchanting city from the comfort of your tent or caravan. 

Pink salt lake, Torrevieja
Pink salt lake, Torrevieja

Experience the colourful side of nature

Think of nature; the smells, the sounds and the colours, shades of green, brown, yellow and red. But how about a neon pink lake?  It might seem like something straight out of a cartoon, but this is nature at its most astonishing. 

This colourful lake can be found in Torrevieja in the region of Alicante. Alongside a more traditional-looking lake, the pink salt lake gets its distinctive colour from the bacteria and algae that thrive on the minerals found in the waters. This bacteria gives the lake its wondrous pink hue but be warned; this can also make it a little smelly at times! Putting up with the aroma soon proves to be worth it as you go for a lazy stroll around the lake and see the bright colours and unusual nature the area has to offer. If you are lucky, you might even get a glimpse of some of the bright pink flamingos that flock to the lake to feed on the algae. 

Whether you are holidaying in Benidorm, Alicante, or somewhere else in the surrounding area, it is well worth taking a nature trip to look at this distinctive lake.

Zugarramurdi Witch Caves
Zugarramurdi Witch Caves

The Spanish inquisition and a witch museum

In Northern Spain, there is a small town with a big history. Zugarramurdi was big news in the 17th century and all because of the myths and legends of witches with extraordinary abilities that frightened the Spanish government into action. This was the centre of the Spanish Inquisition and has a gruesome history as a result. 

You can now visit the witches museum and caves and learn of the folk tales, the myths and the legends that surround the town and the people who lived in it. If you visit this intriguing museum, you are in for a treat with plenty of displays of the occult and the sensational. You also have the opportunity to learn about the real stories behind the myths of witchcraft and the innocent lives lost during this period. 

If you are planning on a trip to the Navarra region of Northern Spain, you can look at these campsites and book one that suits your holiday needs. 

Argelaguer Labyrinth
Argelaguer Labyrinth

A natural labyrinth in Argelaguer

Occasionally on holiday, you get the opportunity to visit something genuinely unique, and Parc Garrell in Argelaguer is one of those experiences. The attraction was built by Josep Pujiula, a textile worker with a vision who slowly built up this maze of structures and natural city towers over thirty years. In its heyday, this was an attraction in its own right. The natural tubes and tunnels made from growing branches could keep the whole family occupied for hours. 

Unfortunately, much of this stunning labyrinth has now disappeared due, in part, to governmental interference when Josep was forced to take down much of his work. He wasn't one to be beaten and worked to build a new wonderland nearby. Although Josep has since passed away, his legacy remains with some structures still standing to view and explore. 

For budding photographers, this is still worth a visit to take in the structures' abandoned beauty.

Chamberi Station, Madrid
Chamberi Station, Madrid

An abandoned station with a fascinating history

If you take a train ride on Madrid's metro, you may be eagle-eyed enough to notice a strange station that you rumble past without stopping. This is a station where the train no longer stops, and it has been eerily restored to its original 1919 glory. This ghost station has now been turned into an exhibition that allows you to explore the Madrid metro's history. 

The last train to stop at this station was in 1966. Although the trains still rumble past, the only way to view this station's detailed restoration and history is to take a special trip. Visiting Chamberi Station allows the curious-minded to capture a glimpse of the humble origins of one of the most extensive metro systems in the world.

Everything in this station is unique and original. You can traverse through the original turnstiles and even look at the original tiled advertisements on the walls. 

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Take a detour in Valencia

Whilst we admit this one isn't worth an entire trip. If you visit Valencia and find yourself near the Carrer del Museu area, you can take a short detour to visit this small yet interesting architectural wonder that is the cat house. 

The cat house is a shelter built for the many feral and lost cats that wander the city. The difference is, this is a cat house built for beauty as well as function. Architecturally this house fits perfectly into its surroundings and was constructed with the local housing style in mind. A Spanish tiled roof sits atop a house facade that is Valencian in style. The only difference between this house and those that surround it is that this house is only two foot tall and built into the side of a wall.

This isn't the only reason to visit Valencia. If you are planning on heading to Eastern Spain, then camping is a great option! You can pack up your tent and experience the best this region of Spain has to offer.