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Curious Camping Part 5 - Intriguing Italy background image

Curious Camping Part 5 - Intriguing Italy

Italy is a beautiful country full of thrilling history, rich culture and stunning architecture.

Italy is a beautiful country full of thrilling history, rich culture and stunning architecture. There are few places quite as exciting and diverse for art, music, and fashion. It is famous for many things although its food, wine and good company might come top of this list for visitors.

Italy also has a fantastic camping culture, and you have your pick of some of the most beautiful and well-facilitated campsites available. Whatever you want to see, do, and experience, there is the perfect campsite just for you! Please look at our Italian campsites and start planning your next Italian adventure!

For the more curious campers, Italy is the perfect destination. Its intriguing history and culture ensure plenty of quirky and fun places to visit. Here are just a few to visit and experience while camping in Italy.

Discover the legend of Carezza Rainbow Lake

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful mountain lakes and scenery in Italy, but the Carezza rainbow lake is extra special. The lake is a natural wonder and sits within beautiful mountain forests. Whenever you visit, you will see something spectacular in its ever-changing swirls of colour and still waters. While the beautiful colours that can be seen in this lake probably have a more natural explanation, we prefer the legends of rainbows, jewels, and magic surrounding this beautiful lake.

Legend says that a beautiful water nymph made her home in this lake, and she would braid her hair and sing her melody on its shores. A local sorcerer fell in love with the nymph and tried to capture her. She thwarted him at every step, and the wizard grew desperate and asked a local witch for help. He was advised to pretend to be a jewellery tradesman and then stretch a rainbow across the lake to lure the nymph to the shore. This plan failed, and the nymph stayed in the water, sending the wizard into a rage. In his anger, he threw the rainbow and jewels into the lake from which the swirling rainbows in the lake were formed.

Carezza Rainbow Lake
Carezza Rainbow Lake

Book yourself a campsite in the Trentino area of Italy and head out by car to this beautiful lake. If you want to visit this lake, you can park nearby and head to the lake to see these water rainbows and jewels for yourself! It's a relatively easy trip to make and well worth it to see this lake and the beautiful scenery nearby.

Tour an Italian ghost town

Craco is a fascinating village that has been precariously perched atop a hillside since the 8th century. It is a wonder that anything in this village still exists! The village sits 400 meters above sea level, and the receding land around it has forced its inhabitants to depart, leaving behind a ghost town as intriguing as it is hauntingly beautiful.

The people of this village managed to survive through the plague and plenty of marauders. Finally, nature itself reclaimed the village, and a landslide forced the people of Craco to flee and make their homes elsewhere.

You can visit this eerie ghost town, but you need to book a guided tour to ensure your safety whilst exploring this intriguing village. At certain times of the year, the village comes alive with people as festivals are celebrated within its walls again.

Whilst the village itself is situated in the Basilicata region, you can book a campsite in Calabria and take a road trip there by car.

See the impressive Medici Hall of Maps in Florence

Hidden within the Palazzo Vecchio Museum in Florence is a quirky room full of renaissance maps. There are over 50 exquisite hand-painted maps adorning the walls of this room, and in the centre, the masterpiece is a globe created by Danti. The original plan was to have two globes in the centre of the room, one representing the earth and the other the heavens. Unfortunately, the earth was the only globe completed, but this was a masterpiece of engineering and design in its time. The globe no longer works as originally intended, with much of its smooth spin and movement now gone. The exterior of the globe has been weathered from exposure to the elements too. Despite this. it is still an impressive sight to see, and it is well worth taking a detour to this museum if you are taking a camping trip to Florence.

Riccardi Medici Palace
Riccardi Medici Palace. Credit: FlawlessLife

You can find out more information on the museum's website. There are lots of camping opportunities in the area. Please take a look at our selection of campsites in Tuscany that you can choose from.

Take a trip into the unknown in the Park of Monsters

Most gardens are designed with beauty and function in mind, but when you visit the park of monsters, you will find that it was designed with a very different intention. The park of monsters was designed primarily for horror and to make the visitors to this park feel a rush of fear as they toured the sculptures.

Prince Pier Francesco Orsini commissioned this ancient garden in 1552 after a difficult period of grieving for his colleagues in a war, his friend and his wife. To bring his dream to reality, the prince hired the well-known architect Pirro Ligorio, the man responsible for completing the Cathedral of Saint Peter once Michelangelo passed away.

Sacro Bosco
Sacro Bosco. Credit: VimNatrium

The park is full of interesting sculptures, all designed to make you think about the horrors of the world. Some are weird and grotesque, and some are disturbing. This is something you have to see for yourself to appreciate fully. Even Salvador Dali himself visited the park and found inspiration within its borders. 

Please take a look at our campsites in Lazio so you can book your next camping holiday and take a trip to the park of monsters.

Find your fantasy in Quartiere Coppede, Rome

Even among the beautiful architecture in Rome, you can find a section that is a little more curious than the rest. In the Northern part of the city, there is a bizarre district called the Quartiere Coppede in Trieste. The area took its name from the person behind the inspiration, the architect Gino Coppede. In this area, the usual beautiful architecture and culture you expect to see in Italy give way to a bizarre and fantastical mix of designs and themes. You can find a blend of ancient Greek, Baroque, Medieval and Art Nouveau styles all mingled together to create something new and fascinating.

Quartiere Coppede
Quartiere Coppede

While in Rome, take some time to wander around this area. You can take a trip to Rome from any campsite in the Lazio area. There are some lovely campsites to choose from and book. You can take a look and find your perfect campsite here.

Visit Pompeii's smaller and lesser known neighbour Herculaneum

Pompeii is famous the world over for the disaster that occurred and the memories and stories left behind underneath all the ash from the erupting volcano nearby. But Pompeii wasn't the only town to suffer when Mount Vesuvius erupted. There are plenty of places that felt the destruction of the event. Herculaneum is one of those places, and it has as many secrets and stories to tell as Pompeii itself.

Hidden for centuries under 18 metres of ash, the city was excavated in 1738. It is still under active research and excavation to this day. Herculaneum is thought to have been a wealthy town, and so far, more than 300 skeletons have been found as well as an extensive library of papers. The ancient village is now situated under the modern city of Ercolano. You can head to this city and find a little time to tour this fascinating place.

To visit this site while camping you can choose a campsite in the Campania region of Italy. This is a beautiful region with lots to see and do so you will be spoilt for choice during your stay in this scenic area of Italy.