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The growing popularity of camping has led to an inundation of new camping tools and technologies aimed at every kind of camper, from the casual campsite holidaymaker to the wild camping enthusiast. Since 1.2 million people across Britain are choosing to go camping every year as opposed to staying in hotels, we’ve come up with a few gift ideas to make Christmas extra special for the campers and caravanners in your life

The BioLite KettleCharge

With over 30 years of product development experience, BioLite is skilled at manufacturing advanced energy products that facilitate quick and easy power sources for campers. As a result, they have devised an innovative solution for one of the major inconveniences whilst camping: the moment when your smart phone or tablet loses charge! To resolve this technological issue, BioLite has created the BioLite KettleCharge, a compact device that can be used to recharge any electronic appliance. All you have to do is fill the kettle with water, place it on any stove, plug in a USB device and then attach it to the smart phone, tablet or other appliance that you want to charge. The BioLite KettleCharge will then generate 10W of power, which can charge all manner of electronic devices – that’s up to five hours’ talk time, five hours of video streaming and 20 hours of audio content from a single charge. 

The PowerPot

The PowerPot is an innovative power generator that enables campers to simultaneously cook food and charge their electronic appliances. It was created after the founders of PowerPractical realised that only a small amount of a campfire's energy actually keeps campers warm. Subsequently, they designed the PowerPot in order to capture this wasted energy and use it productively. Using thermoelectric technology they were able to create the PowerPot, a device which can generate power from any heat source, from camping stoves and natural hot springs to an open fire or even hot metal that has been placed in the sun. As long as the liquid inside the PowerPot is colder than the heat source upon which it is placed then alternative energy can be generated. The PowerPot can power up to three USB devices at a time, equipping campers with an efficient and reliable power source.

The EcoGrill

Constructed out of alder and filled with alder charcoal coals, the EcoGrill is an environmentally friendly grill that adopts the Nordic tradition of burning tree stumps to equip campers with an effective and sustainable heat source. It enables holidaymakers on campsites to host bumper barbecues thanks to two and a half hours of cooking time, or to use it as a heat source for up to five hours. What's more, its natural, odour free resin wick makes it simple to light and the grill is ready to use within 10-20 minutes, meaning no more hours slaving over a stubborn disposable barbecue. 

The Woolrich Multi Functional Knife Clipwatch Tool

For over 180 years, Woolrich’s comfortable yet functional clothing has proved popular with avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts. In recent years the brand has turned its talents to camping tools and supplies, one of the most successful of which is the Woolrich Multi Functional Knife Clipwatch Tool, a device that serves as the definitive Swiss army knife for both experienced and novice campers. This lightweight, compact and waterproof appliance can be attached to your backpack, keyring or belt and includes a military dial analogue watch, a two-inch stainless steel fold-out knife and scissors, as well as an LED flashlight and an integrated compass. To keep it safe, the Woolrich Multi Functional Tool comes with a stainless steel case and five year movement warranty, and features luminescent hands and markers for full visibility at night. You’ll never be caught out while exploring again! 

The Lazy Camper Kit

The Lazy Camper Kit is a perfect introductory present for the novice camper. Providing campers with all the equipment they need for a short camping holiday, the kit includes a high quality two man tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and fold-out camping tool. In addition, meals are taken care of with a fold-out stove that has enough fuel for five days, fire starters, two mess tins, stainless steel cutlery (including a knife, fork, spoon and bottle opener), a five litre water carrier and 300ml stainless steel mug. For dark nights and inclement weather, a 0.5W head lamp, and waterproof poncho are provided, while a first aid kit (including plasters, adhesive bandages and anti-bacterial wipes) and an advisory guide for novice campers complete the package


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