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Camping for a Good Cause

Camping for a Good Cause

To help campers have enjoy the outdoors, we previously shared a beginner’s guide to tent camping. This time, let's look at adding a unique twist to your trip by incorporating fun charity events.

Camping and fundraising may be an unusual combination. But why not enjoy the outdoors while getting a sense of fulfilment from contributing to a good cause? So with that in mind, here are some ideas you can consider for your next camping trip.

Clean up

As a result of the increasing popularity of outdoor activities and the lack of proper briefing on pressing environmental concerns, the environment is suffering from waste pollution. One thing you can do is make sure you clean up in and around the campsite. If you’re camping on a big campsite then ask the permission of the owners to do a full site clean up and politely ask for donations from your fellow campers. This will not only help you raise money for charity but also help preserve the surrounding environment.


Another fun idea is to host an outdoor BBQ or cook-off, which is perfect if you're camping with a big group. Invite people you know who enjoy cooking and have them show off their culinary skills. Even if there isn’t the luxury of a kitchen, Bon Appétit’s list of perfect campfire meals proves that it’s not impossible to come up with delicious dishes with simpler tools.

Scavenger hunt

If you’re an experienced outdoorsman, you can apply navigational skills to create a small course for a scavenger hunt. This is ideal if you at a child-friendly campsite. Everyone who joins must purchase a map with the control points and a compass, and this is how you can raise money for your chosen charity. Make sure that you choose an area of the woods where it’s not easy to get lost, and children are accompanied by their parents at all times.

Sports Tournament

This extensive list of fundraising ideas shared by Save the Children includes physical activities such as dodgeball and football. Playing sports out in nature under good weather can be invigorating and your whole group can enjoy the fun that comes with it.

For this idea to work, you must choose a campsite that is spacious enough to play sport on. Some spots that might fit this description are Cofton Holidays, Lee Valley [Edmonton], Shamba Holidays, and Polmanter Tourist Park which all have large playing surfaces or fields.

Outdoor yoga

Practising yoga outdoors activates all of your senses and makes for a better meditative space. If you know any certified teachers, you can create a camping yoga event where you can release the negative energy together. People can pay to join the class, just like in regular studios, but they’ll have the added benefit of practicing while being surrounded by nature.

As you can see, it just takes imagination to make camping even more unforgettable and fulfilling. Have a deeper look into how you can organise these events, pick a charity that is dear to your heart, and you’ll be good to go!

Photo Credits: Unsplash and Pexels