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Embracing old and new

| 04 Aug 2017 | Views: 1797

Occupying a neat triangle of north east Spain, Catalonia holds a unique place within Europe. A...

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Power for pleasure

| 11 Jul 2017 | Views: 1049

Let’s start with basics: caravans and motorhomes are fitted with equipment that runs on either...

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1st time touring abroad

| 11 Jul 2017 | Views: 1408

Brittany at a glance

Many first-timers see the rugged coastlines and pretty fishing villages of...

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Coast with the most

| 12 Jun 2017 | Views: 900

We take a look at what makes the Vendée and Charente Maritime so attractive to tourists and to...

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Once upon a gondola…

| 12 Jun 2017 | Views: 2476

For over a thousand years the area was an independent state ruled over by Venice, and enjoyed...

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A place in the sun

| 12 Jun 2017 | Views: 1345

Although stretches of its coast around the best beaches are very developed, there are plenty of...

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The Normandy beaches of D-Day

| 05 Jun 2017 | Views: 1727

D–Day in Numbers

  • 156,000 Allied troops landed on the 1st day
  • 62,000 British, 73,000 American...
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The Future of Camping

| 22 May 2017 | Views: 1916

When you think about it, camping (in its most generic form) doesn’t make much sense.Why plan a...

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Take time to unwind

| 18 May 2017 | Views: 839

Spas and treatments are available in all kinds of places but campsites are not usually...

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A Vintage Holiday

| 12 May 2017 | Views: 801

Campsite owners and vineyard owners share a passion for their land, so if you’re staying in a...

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