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5 Reasons Camping is the Perfect Family Holiday

Blog > 5 Reasons Camping is the Perfect Family Holiday

Most of us have treasured memories of camping as children with our families. Those long days on the beach and days hiking and exploring before heading back to camp for a BBQ or meal cooked on a camping stove will always hold a sense of nostalgia for camping families. One of the reasons for this nostalgia is the sense of freedom that camping gave us, which hasn't changed. Families the world over still enjoy fantastic camping holidays year after year. If anything, camping has only got better! With more modern conveniences and campsites offering all sorts of activities and more facilities there is no reason not to choose camping for your next family holiday.

There are plenty of reasons why camping is a great way to spend holiday and leisure time as a family. Here are just five of the top reasons.

Father and son sitting together next to campfire, toasting marshmallows

Spend quality time together as a family

Holidays are a great time for reconnecting with your loved ones. In everyday life, it's easy to get caught up in the rush of school runs, commutes to work, housework and an endless list of things to do and appointments to keep. When it comes to making the most of your relaxation time, camping is one of the best methods.

Camping is a simpler way of life. Your days are endless and free, and your nights are relaxing and full of the sounds of nature. There is just you, your tent or caravan, your family and the world around you. What better way to spend time together and reconnect as a family?

There is a multitude of ways to reconnect while on your camping holiday. Plan some activities to do as a family. These could be a trip to a museum, a theme park or even just a hike or nature walk. Make time for games, whether ball games in the fields or quieter board and card games - the choice is yours.

Campsite in the mountains of Slovenia

There are so many places to go camping

One of the best things about camping is the sheer choice of places you can go. Land your finger on a globe, and there will, no doubt, be a campsite nearby. Nowadays, you don't need to choose between that sunny Spanish holiday resort or a family camping holiday in France. You can easily do both!

Many European campsites are made with families in mind, and if you choose the right campsite, there will be plenty of activities to keep the kids amused. Some campsites are similar to holiday resorts with pools, activities and kid's clubs.

Of course, not all families want the same thing, which is just one more reason why camping is a great option. Please take a look at our campsite finder and narrow down your choices by country, region, style of holiday and even by facilities. Whatever your chosen style of holiday. Whether it's a hiking holiday, a getting back to nature holiday or one packed full of tourist attractions and destinations; you can do this while camping with your family.

Close shot of explorer women in life jacket paddling hard the kayak with splashes

Try new activities and hobbies

There are few styles of holiday that offer quite as much in the way of opportunity to learn a new skill or try out a new hobby. Camping and outdoor activities fit together so perfectly that families have been combining hobbies, activities and learning new things for decades!

When choosing your activities, you are truly spoilt for choice. Outdoorsy family? Why not participate in outdoor pursuits, including kayaking, rock climbing, horse riding, orienteering, and so much more! Most countries and destinations have access to these and more in the area. You can even narrow down your options when choosing a campsite by choosing by the style of holiday or facilities.

Hiking and wildlife watching are great options if you want a more sedate holiday. Many towns and cities also have lots of quieter, more creative activities to take part in, such as visiting museums and galleries and learning some of the local history and culture.

arents Giving Children Piggybacks As They Walk Along Beach

An affordable holiday for the whole family

There is one major reason that families have chosen camping as a holiday type for so long, and that's the cost. Camping is, in general, a far cheaper option than booking expensive hotels or resorts. This is still as true today as it ever was, and you can usually find a campsite holiday that is affordable that the whole family will enjoy. Your holiday doesn't even have to be a back to basics style holiday if you don't want to! Campsites have many superb facilities including activities, swimming pools and restaurants. Some even have wellness and spa facilities.

Group of mixed race children at kids club, jumping and playing

Many campsites are family-friendly

Camping and caravanning have always been a family-friendly affair, and many campsites cater to families and children for this reason. Whilst not all campsites are suitable for families; some even choose to be adults only; many campsites have been designed with children in mind.

Take a moment to consider the things your children want when they go on holiday, play areas, swimming pools, parks, kids clubs and the opportunity to make friends. So many campsites are perfect for doing just this!

Of course, not all families want the same, but this is one of the beauties of a camping holiday. You can take part in family-friendly activities as much or as little as you like! If your family would prefer a quieter campsite with fewer facilities so you can make your own fun, then these are also available. When you book your campsite take a moment to check out their facilities and see if it would suit your family. Don't forget to plan lots of family activities for you to enjoy together.