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5 amazing health benefits of a spa camping holiday

Luke Kyte | Comments: 1 | Views: 1989

People holiday for many different reasons. Whether it’s to experience the local culture and cuisine, participate in adrenaline sports, or simply escape from the hustle and bustle of working life, you’ll be able to find the perfect trip for any time of the year.  

To truly maximise the peace and relaxation you can experience on your travels though, why not visit a spa and wellbeing campsite? Not only can you enjoy the incredible surrounding region, but receive various treatments designed to improve your health. 

Take a look at the following benefits for booking up your next holiday in a spa and wellbeing resort:

1.    Detox and de-stress

One of the major perks for visiting a spa campsite is the opportunity to detox. With activities, nutritious food and detox juices you’ll be able to cleanse your body of toxins. 

Those who find themselves stressed at home or in the workplace will also benefit, thanks to the relaxing treatments available. There will likely be a whole range of activities to take part in, including Yoga, therapeutic massages and swimming amongst others. 

2.    Ease the aches and pains

If you suffer from any medical conditions or simply have aches and pains that won’t seem to go away, a spa retreat can provide the perfect solution.

With a wealth of therapies to choose such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, reflexology and sport massages, specific areas of pain can be targeted and alleviated.

3.    Better your weight loss efforts

Sticking to a strict diet can be difficult at home, with so many temptations all around. For that reason, a spa retreat would be ideal to target any personal weight loss. With a combination of fitness activities and tailored diet plans, you’ll be better positioned to lose a few pounds. 

4.    Improve your sleep pattern

Many of us struggle with sleep. Perhaps you toss and turn, never getting your recommended nightly hours in. Spa holidays can be the perfect tonic for treating sleep deprivation and from massages and reflexology, to targeted programmes aiding with posture, you can find the ideal campsite for helping with sleep. 

5.    Boost health and fitness 

Of course, a spa retreat shouldn’t just be about instant health benefits. Alongside the improvements you’ll witness, the experience should also educate you in maintaining this lifestyle change on your return. As such, you’ll have the opportunity to boost your overall health and fitness with programmes targeted to your personal situation.

To enjoy these serious health benefits of a spa and wellbeing escape, you don’t have to book an expensive hotel in the Caribbean either. In fact, there are a number of hidden campsites in the UK and Europe, whereby you’ll have the opportunity to relax and put your mind at rest for the full duration. 

Alan Rogers has inspected and selected the very best European campsites for spa and wellbeing. Take a look at your options and visit the official camp websites for more information.  

Also, if you’ve visited a spa and wellbeing campsite in the past, why not discuss your experience by commenting below.

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  • Linda


    9 months ago

    We are organising a trip to Scandinavia this summer in our Motorhome but are unable to find any books showing us campsites or aires as in the rest of Europe.  We feel we need some way of finding campsites other than our satnav. Can you help us.

  • Lace Thomas

    Lace Thomas

    10 months ago

    I’m not that much used to camping during the cold season because of the climate conditions, but reading your tips on how to keep warm during the season is helpful.

  • Lace Thomas

    Lace Thomas

    10 months ago

    I grew up camping with my lower middle class family. Cheap way to see a lot of the country. I love it. Many campgrounds have restrooms and a shower. They vary in quality and cleanliness, but if you plan to shower at the campground, ALWAYS have flip flops or sandals or crocs to wear in the shower. Its a little weird at first, but everyone does it and a few minutes of feeling a little odd when you first jump in is better than foot fungus. Plus, showering nude and having a woodland breeze blowing through the open window is oddly freeing. You gotta try it. Camping rules!!!

  • Jeroen


    11 months ago

    Een geweldige blog! smile

  • Jason


    11 months ago

    Thank you for hosting at the show. The wife and I had a great time looking around. It has given us great ideas to spruce up our caravan, that we bought recently on . Thanks again. Jason

  • hcg diet plan comparison

    hcg diet plan comparison

    1 year ago

    Ughhh, stomach body weight squandering rules please?

  • KB Safdar

    KB Safdar

    1.3 years ago

    A Unique place, with all the calmness and relaxation, just me and nature’s beauty….

  • Graham W

    Graham W

    1.9 years ago

    WE are neither of those that you note in the BLOG
    We prefer comfort and warmth using our now aging Tourer to travel around Europe

    We used be called explorers except we now take well trodden paths that are wheelchair friendly we now prefer sites with plenty of facilities though not necessarily those for families but also not necessarily adult only.  Yet this year we have been wild camping on a show site (not a caravan show either) and have used Camping Cheques and ACSI sites as well as UK Commercial ones

    So you could say we are Comfort Campers

    The Madcaravanner

  • Graham Wilson

    Graham Wilson

    2.3 years ago

    Forgot to mention I love being able to get near to RAILWAYS too

  • Graham Wilson

    Graham Wilson

    2.3 years ago

    What type of camper???
    A Tin Tenter
    Someone who can get his wheelchair or scooter around the site without problems
    Someone who can relax and take in nature whilst enjoying some fishing or photography
    Someone who would love to just disappear for weeks at a time to anywhere in Europe

  • Charlotte Carlton

    Charlotte Carlton

    2.6 years ago

    Hi Kevin, thanks for your interest. Our campsites director will be in touch!

  • Kevin Holley

    Kevin Holley

    2.6 years ago

    Was offered a position as inspector a couple of years ago. Waited for the necessary info to arrive, but never heard any more. Thought it may have been something to do with the takeover. Spend a lot of time in France, any positions available now?

    Kevin Holley