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Take a camping trip on the wild side

Pitching the tent in the back of beyond is the new thing to do if you love nature and want to wake up where the wild things are. If you’re a fan of being in the weeds and a stone’s throw from the woods, you’re going to love wilderness camping. You may have already experienced the traditional camping at the campsites around the UK and Europe already. Perhaps you want to experience something rawer, that combines the freedom of camping with closer connection to the outside.

Wild camping can help you to expand your camping horizons, broaden your experiences and give you something that you can treasure forever - memories.

With all of this in mind, let’s talk about why wild camping is the new thing you should be adding to your bucket list!

Zero Booking

It’s an easy reason to love wild camping - there is no site booking to worry about. You don’t have to find the perfect pitch in the excellent camping site because there is no pitch to find. Wild camping is solely based on your preference of where you want to stop for the night, whether that’s on a clifftop overlooking the sea or on the side of a mountain in a little cavernous nook. You don’t have to worry about getting to the shower blocks early, and you no longer need to think about the campsite costs and fees. The wild is free - so embracing it will save you some money.

No Neighbours Nearby

While it’s nice to have the chance to get to know new people in an environment you enjoy, wild camping offers you another kind of neighbour - the wild. There’s no worrying about parties late into the night. You don’t have to panic that a unruly group is going to bother you and your family. You also don’t have to think about when you need to wake up on a schedule: there is no schedule. Without neighbours, you can enjoy your wild camping trip in the peace and quiet that you so seek.

You Make Your Own Rules

Many camping sites have a list of rules and regulations that you need to adhere to so that you can all enjoy camping in peaceful harmony with your neighbours. These rules are there in place to allow safe and happy camping for everyone.

In the wild though, there are fewer rules to concern yourself with. Although you must always be respectful of any appropriate local laws and of course take your rubbish with you, there is no worry of having to turn lights out at a certain time.

There Are No Time Limits

With a campsite, you need to be up and out of there early so that the site can be cleared and the next person can come along and take the spot. When you’re wild camping, who are you going to move for? The fox in the next clearing? There’s no reason to pack up and leave until you’re ready to do so, which can be anytime you like. It’s all about being able to relax as much as you like, and there is no stress over timeframes and limits to your enjoyment.


One of the loveliest side effects of being in the wild is the, well, wildlife! You’ll have a chance to get up close and personal with some of the animals that the zoo can’t offer you. We would recommend looking up the common wildlife in the area that you hope to camp in, just so you know if you’re disturbing any animals that are sensitive.

However, it’s exciting to see nature as a bystander, watching foxes or rabbits dart their way across moors trying to secure their next meal.

More Adventures

When you’re wild camping, you can do a lot more than in a closed site. You can string up a hammock between trees by a river to relax, travel long distances, sleeping where you fancy and taking pictures of all the sites that you like - no one can tell you otherwise!

Expand Your Knowledge

Wild camping does require a little more planning to ensure that you are mapping out areas to camp in safe places that are in the wild, but it’s the best kind of challenge. Those outdoor skills - map reading, compass reading and route navigation all come into their own.

You can spend time in a variety of terrains, and you can pack the right kit to make it a good trip. Have all the fun but leave no trace.

Be sure to research this thoroughly and make sure that wild camping is allowed in the areas you are looking at. Not everywhere is suitable and in general, wild camping is not for the beginner.

Always let people know where you will be and be sure to equip yourself and your family with suitable clothing and ensure safety measures are conformed to.

Under The Stars

Ever heard of a bivvy? It’s from the word “bivouac”, which is a temporary shelter. When you’re wild camping in the summer. All you need to do is wrap your sleeping bag in a waterproof bag and sleep in the elements. Literally sleeping under the stars.

Get Back To Basics

Take a break from packing up so much on your wild camping trip. Sleeping wild means a break from the usual paraphernalia including that 20 year old tent that is starting to smell a bit musty.

Be minimalist with everything you need on your back. This way means the most in flexibility.

Wild camping isn’t legal everywhere in the UK just yet, but that doesn't mean that there aren't places you can camp where you like. Some of the Scottish wilderness is open to wild camping, as is Dartmoor National Park and other beautiful landscapes. The only rule you will have is to leave nature as you found it in the first place - what’s not to love?

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