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Whether you want to explore historic cities, stroll around medieval hill towns, relax on sandy beaches or simply indulge in opera, good food and wine, Italy has it all. Roman ruins, Renaissance art and beautiful churches abound. For the more active, Italian Alps are a haven for winter sports enthusiasts and also offer good hiking trails.

Italy only became a unified state in 1861, hence the regional nature of the country today. With 20 distinct regions, each one retained its own individualism which is evident in the cuisine and the local dialects.

In the north, the vibrant city of Milan is great for shopping and home to the famous opera house, La Scala, as well as Leonardo's Last Supper fresco. It is also a good starting-off point for the Alps; the Italian Lake District, incorporating Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore; the canals of Venice and the lovely town of Verona.

Central Italy probably represents the most commonly perceived image of the country and Tuscany, with its classic rolling countryside and the historical towns of Florence, Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa is one of the most visited areas.

Further south is the historic capital Rome and the city of Naples. Close to some of Italy's ancient sited such as Pompeii, Naples is within easy distance of Sorrento and the Almafi Coast.

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Union Lido Vacanze

Union Lido Vacanze is located on the green coastline of Cavallino, between the beautiful lagoon of Venice and the Adriatic sea. An ideal position for excursions to Venice and its islands...

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