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Camping in Brittany


Rolling sandy beaches, hidden coves, pretty villages and a picturesque coastline all combine to make Brittany a very popular holiday destination. Full of Celtic culture steeped in myths and legends, Brittany is one of the most distinctive regions of France.

Camping holidays in France boasts every type of landscape imaginable ranging from the wooded valleys of the Dordogne the volcanic uplands of the Massif Central, the rocky coast of Brittany to the lavender covered hills of Provence and snow-capped peaks of the Alps.

Each region is different and this is reflected in the local customs, cuisine, architecture and dialect.

Many rural villages hold festivals to celebrate the local saints and you can also find museums devoted to the rural arts and crafts of the regions.

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Camping in Brittany

Brittany’s 800 miles of rocky coastline offers numerous bays, busy little fishing villages and broad sandy beaches dotted with charming seaside resorts. The coastline to the north of Brittany is rugged with a maze of rocky coves, while to the south, the shore is flatter with long sandy beaches. Inland you'll find wooded valleys, rolling fields, moors and giant granite boulders, but most impressive is the wealth of prehistoric sites, notably the Carnac standing stones. Breton culture offers a rich history of menhirs, crosses, cathedrals and castles. Strong Celtic roots provide this region with its own distinctive traditions, evident in the local Breton costume and music, traditional religious festivals and the cuisine, featuring crêpes and cider. Many castles and manor houses, countless chapels and old towns and villages provide evidence of Brittany's eventful history and wealth of traditions. The abbey fortress of Mont St Michel on the north coast (in Normandy) should not be missed and Concarneau in the south is a lovely walled town enclosed by granite rocks.

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